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Pregamin’ Wyoming


I see a yellah-striped helment, I kill the man wearin’ it!
Josh Matejka

Gameday Schedule

I’m gonna say it: 6 o’clock start times are much better than 3 o’clock start times.

So Fresh and So Clean, Clean

Going with the all blacks this early in the year is an odd choice, given their usual decision to wait until Black Friday. But I’m not exactly against it!

Get Hype!

What the “Experts” are Saying

The Tigers looked just about as good as everyone hoped in the win against UT Martin. What was the most encouraging takeaway for you out of last weekend?

Ryan Herrera, Football Beat Writer: I really liked how the passing game looked Saturday. This receiving corps had some question marks coming into Week 1, but guys like Emanuel Hall and Johnathon Johnson really showed they can be relied upon on the field. Add in the tight ends and running backs who also had catches on the day, and Missouri completed passes to 10 different players. It came against an FCS defense, sure, but it’s still pretty encouraging to have that many guys making grabs out there.

Mitch Hill, Social Media Editor: I think the way they used their TEs. Sure, I did not nail my “Albert O 4 TDs” bold prediction, but I thought they were utilized well near the end-zone and in tight formations, which is something Mizzou fans have not seen a lot of.

AlaTiger: The defense, especially with the ones in, was solid. That should be a given against this level of competition, but as we all are painfully aware from last year, it isn’t. The performance of the freshman was also encouraging.

PREGAMIN TRIVIA: Answer the most questions correctly - no Googling, please and thank you - and you’ll get to stay on Pregamin’ for the SEC Opener against South Carolina (1) What is Wyoming’s state capital? (2) Where does Wyoming rank among US states in population (3) Which animal is featured on Wyoming’s state flag? (4) How many Wyoming alumni currently play in the NFL? (5) What is Wyoming’s all-time record against Missouri?

Ryan Herrera: (1) Nowheresville (2) 44th (3) a bear (4) 7 (5) I want to say this is the first meeting, so 0-0

Mitch Hill: (1) Cheyenne... Thank you 4th Grade Social Studies. (2) Let’s go with 42nd? (3) A Buffalo... I think (4) 4 (5) 1-3... Man, I forgot how bad I am at trivia.

AlaTiger: (1) Cheyenne - which may also be the capital city in the lower 48 that is furthest from the geographic center of the state. (Juneau is your overall winner in this category.) (2) It’s one of only a handful of states that only has one US Representative, so it has to be very near the bottom. Let’s go with 49th. (3) Horse (4) There has to be somebody besides Josh Allen. Let’s say two. (5) I really hope the first number is zero, but I don’t have a clue. 0-6.

[Congratulations, Mitch! He’s this week’s big winner with... 2 correct answers. Ryan and AlaTiger each got 1. Here’s the answer key for those interested: (1) Cheyenne (2) 50th (3) Buffalo or Bison (4) Eight (5) This Saturday will be their first meeting.]

While it probably won’t be the cake walk that UT Martin was, Missouri is still heavily favored in week two. With the SEC schedule looming, what are you still wanting to know about these Tigers before you go full steam ahead on the hype train?

Ryan Herrera: Can the secondary continue its solid play in Week 2? With FBS play coming now, I really need to see that these guys can lock down the passing game of better teams than UT-Martin. Maybe forcing some more turnovers would help convince me that they’re the real deal *eyes emoji*

Mitch Hill: I would like to see more of the playbook. Crockett in the passing game could be a nice thing to see because good things happen when he has the ball. I also NEED to see a 3-0 record before Georgia comes to town so the hype train is rockin. So Wins would be something I want to see. And TBJ owning people just because it’s fun.

AlaTiger: The running game needs to be more effective. If they can do that versus a Wyoming defense that has been stout against the run so far, that would shovel more coal into the boiler of the hype train. The solid defense and quality passing game from week 1 need to make another appearance as well.

PICK ‘EM! Let’s get a score prediction and one player you’re expecting to break out who didn’t last week.

Ryan Herrera: Missouri 37, Wyoming 20. After catching three passes for just 19 yards last week, I’m betting Nate Brown gets a lot more involved in the passing game and leads the team in receiving yards.

Mitch Hill: Mizzou 38 Wyoming 17, thanks to some late game scores to make the game seem like a runaway. I also have Crockett going for 200+ Total yards and a couple of touchdowns.

AlaTiger: Mizzou, 48-17. Dominic Gicinto takes a slant to the house and gets people’s attention.