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Jeremiah Tilmon Out Indefinitely with Stress Fracture

I knew there was something we were forgetting this year... it was ‘injured key player’!

NCAA Basketball: Missouri at Illinois Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Heading into the Tennessee game tonight you didn’t expect this news to drop:

Matter has since updated his tweet to clarify it was his left foot. Tilmon was experiencing soreness in his right foot prior. It’s not uncommon to have soreness in one foot due to compensation for weakness from another foot injury. So that would make some sense.

According to Google, a stress fracture in the foot can take 6-8 weeks to heal, meaning Missouri could be without their starting center until mid-February. If he were able to come back by Feb 15th for the Ole Miss game (that’s a 6-week timeline), that would mean Tilmon would miss 12 SEC games.

For comparison, Mark Smith’s injury last season took him out of action for 11 games in the regular season, but left him largely ineffective for two additional games.

Tilmon was averaging 9.0 points and 4.3 rebounds in few minutes than he played a year ago. This is obviously a blow to Missouri and their season. The onus now shifts to Reed Nikko in the middle, and his 7.7 fouls committed per 40 minutes.

Missouri takes on Tennessee tonight at 6pm.