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Halftime Thoughts: That was ugly

Missouri’s offense slumps in front of a half filled stadium as though they were out a little late last night on Broadway.

NCAA Football: Missouri at Vanderbilt Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

All too often we talk about momentum, and coming into the game both teams appeared headed in opposite directions. But for the “that's why you play the games” crowd, momentum is only as good as the next play.

And the next play for Mizzou in almost every play and effort in the first half against Vanderbilt have been going in the wrong direction. So I’m posting the numbers first:

halftime vanderbilt statbroadcast 2019
halftime vanderbilt statbroadcast 2019

One word for the Tigers: ugly

They were on the short end of just about every metric against a team who has largely been awful this year. The defense for the Tigers was actually pretty decent aside from just three plays, unfortunately for MU their own offense hasn’t been able to provide any punch back.

Going 1-for-8 on 3rd down will do that, with five of those being 9 yards or more.

With Missouri’s defense, if they can find a way to limit the explosive plays they’ll be fine in the second half. But what has Missouri done in the first half that makes you think they’ll keep their streak of 31 points or more in a game going? Doesn’t seem likely the way they’ve moved the ball.

If there is good news, they haven’t turned the ball over. Nor have they forced a turnover. This just hasn’t been pleasant to watch, and Missouri seems to either blow the doors off of Vandy, or mess around enough to make it a game. But I wouldn’t try to play with this team, they’re playing desperate and with far more energy than the Tigers. That ain’t the way to make your case for being a top 25 team next week.