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Beyond the Box Score: How to Disappear Completely

I’m not here. This isn’t happening.

I’ll have more complete thoughts later. For now, let’s listen to the most depressing song I can think of while looking at the most depressing performance of the year.

Advanced Box Score

That there, that’s not me

I go where I please

Missouri Offense

Missouri Offense vs. Kentucky Defense

I walk through walls

I float down the river

  • Third Down Conversions

Missouri converted 4 of their 14 third downs thanks to an average of 8-yards-to-go. Every team this year - except Ole Miss - have kept the Tigers under a 50% conversion rate; SEMO, Troy, Vandy, and Kentucky kept the average-yards-to-go on third down over 8. It’s a season-long problem that has not been fixed.

Winner: Kentucky

  • Passing Down Success Rate

18%. Better than last week’s 9%, worse than the 28% against Wyoming. Notice a trend?

Winner: Kentucky

  • Passing Completion Rate

48% for the game. The Tigers had a better completion rate in passing situations than in standard downs. Which is mostly just an interesting point rather than an indicator of anything that can save a super disappointing performance against a team that gave up higher completion rates outside of Saturday.

Winner; Kentucky

Missouri Defense

Missouri Defense vs. Kentucky Offense

In a little while I’ll be gone

The moment’s already passed, it’s gone

  • Rushing Success Rate

38% for the Wildcats on the whole. But you know what actually counts here: Mr. Bowden’s success rate running was 48%, getting the necessary yards per down a whopping 57% of the time and averaging 11 yards after the line got him nearly 3.5. Bowden was an incredible and obvious weapon that the Tigers couldn’t figure out how to stop.

Winner: Kentucky

  • Havoc Rate

Kentucky limited Missouri’s defense to a 15% havoc rate. The lowest this season was a 6% at Wyoming...after that, the lowest was a 14.5% against both Ole Miss and Vanderbilt. Do you think Missouri is missing Cale Garrett and his 28.5% havoc rate?

Winner: Kentucky

Strobe lights and blown speakers

Fireworks and hurricanes

Extra Points

  • Missouri wide receivers dropped 6 of the 19 passes targeting them. Kam Scott contributed 3, Dominic Gicinto had 2.
  • Missouri defensive ends combined for 7 tackles and 1 tackle for loss. Tre Williams provided the TFL, Chris Turner contributed 1 tackle.
  • Albert Okwuegbunam was targeted one time.
  • Success Rate of plays in which Kelly Bryant was the quarterback: 30%. Success Rate of plays in which Taylor Powell was the quarterback: 38%
  • At 10p central time on October 12th, Missouri was alone in 1st place in the SEC East. After playing 2 of the 3 worst teams in the SEC, Missouri is now 3rd.

I’m not here. This isn’t happening.

I’m not here.

The Conclusion

Kentucky won every matchup and dominated from start to finish. Go figure.