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Halftime Thoughts: Please let Kelly Bryant be okay

Mizzou’s defense was dominant after the opening drive and the Tigers steamrolled Troy in the first half. The concern is Kelly Bryant did not return after halftime.

Troy v Missouri Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

Everyone expected Troy to put up some points. The Trojans offense is one of the better offenses through the first five weeks this season. Early on, they've put up points and after the first drive it looked like the game would go as we expected, with Missouri hoping they can outscore the Trojans.

Cale Garrett and his defense had other plans. After the first drive here is the rest of the half for the Troy offense:

  • 5 plays, 14 yards
  • 3 plays, -7 yards
  • 3 plays, 4 yards
  • 3 plays, 5 yards
  • 2 plays, 15 yards, INT
  • 3 plays, 4 yards, INT
  • 0 plays, fumble
  • 3 plays, 2 yards
  • 3 plays, 8 yards

75 yards on the first play 40 yards the rest of the half. Mizzou’s defense locked down. Cale Garrett was a monster with two interceptions, including one for a touchdown. The defense was so good they were able to plaster over some really iffy offense, because after shooting out to a 21-7 lead, Mizzou’s offense went into a funk. They were able to make enough plays to keep scoring thanks to some friendly field position, but they had 209 yards after three possessions and finished the half with 321.

Against Troy, who has been quite questionable all season, that simply isn’t good enough.

The concerns here though are about Kelly Bryant. Bryant went down on an ugly, low, and flagged, hit on his final touchdown pass of the half. Watch the play below.

Bryant was able to walk off under his own power and Odom said at halftime he was optimistic about Bryant being ok. But that’s a horrible hit on a really valuable player with a 28 point lead (going on 35 points).

We’ll see if Bryant returns or not. It would probably be okay at this point if Missouri was cautious with him, as Troy had inserted their own backup quarterback before the end of the half.

It’s halftime, Missouri is up 42-7. Let’s get this game over with and go prepare for Ole Miss.


Kelly Bryant did not return to the game after halftime. Taylor Powell led the next drive and the game broadcast crew reported Bryant was still in the locker room being evaluated. Official word from Missouri is Bryant has a left leg injury and will not return today.

Let’s hope for the best.