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SEC Power Rankings: Haikus for Rivalries

Power Rankings time. Rivalry Week is the best. Please beat Arkansas.

NCAA Football: Auburn at Alabama Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

Hello. I wrote a series of poems for you. I hope you like them!

Tier I

Tier I

LSU Tigers

Win and you are in.

Realizing offense is good

Makes Tigers elite.

Alabama Crimson Tide

Injuries test depth.

Freshmen are inconsistent.

‘Bama doesn’t care.

Tier II

Tier II

Georgia Bulldogs

Kirby wins ugly

But a win is still a win

Until LSU

Florida Gators

Defense and passing

Identities are good but

Still second in East

Tier III

Tier III

Auburn Tigers

Auburn ruins things.

‘Bama has nothing to spoil

War Eagle loses

Texas A&M Aggies

Scary team plays tough

Seven overtimes last year

LSU look out!

Tier IV

Tier IV

Tennessee Volunteers

Pruitt coach of year?

No credit for making mess

And cleaning it up

Kentucky Wildcats

Lose most of roster

And the top two quarterbacks

Bowl game anyway!

Missouri Tigers

Waste a good defense

Why did it all fall apart?

Beat Arkansas please!

Mississippi State Bulldogs

Serious question

Name three players on this team

Quiet, disappointing

South Carolina Gamecocks

Do you remember?

They beat Georgia! I promise!

Football is so weird

Ole Miss Rebels

Hire ex-head coaches

To make your program better

Didn’t work. Shocker!

Tier V

Tier V

Vanderbilt Commodores

Three losses is fine!

Derek Mason will be coach

Until end of time

Arkansas Razorbacks

Beat by old QB

Unprecedentedly bad

Will beat Missouri