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Mizzou Football picked 3rd in SEC East

The third place selection shows the reputation of the program might be changing

NCAA Football: SEC Media Day Vasha Hunt-USA TODAY Sports

Maybe the Tigers are better, maybe they aren’t, but the SEC media might be coming around on how much respect the program deserves with how Barry Odom is building things in Columbia.

At the end of the SEC Media Days, the SEC Media themselves submitted a ballot of expectations for the league and the Tigers are deep in the middle of those expectations, with a third place finish behind Georgia and Florida.

Georgia is widely predicted to be a top 5 team this season, and Florida is in most pre-season top 10s. Missouri whipped the Gators in Gainesville last year and welcome them to Columbia this season, hold onto home field advantage and there’s a big chance to move up in the standings.

With Kelly Bryant leading the offense there’s reason to think Mizzou might be underrated here, but most importantly is on the defensive side of the ball where the Tigers need to step up like they did late in the season.

SEC East (parenthesis denotes 1st Place votes)

  1. Georgia (233) - 1789
  2. Florida (21) - 1499
  3. Missouri (3) - 1149
  4. South Carolina (1) - 883
  5. Tennessee (1) - 804
  6. Kentucky (1) - 798
  7. Vanderbilt - 358

SEC West (parenthesis denotes 1st Place votes)

  1. Bama (253) - 1813
  2. LSU (5) - 1493
  3. Texas A&M - 1268
  4. Auburn (1) - 1090
  5. Mississippi State (1) - 769
  6. Ole Miss - 504
  7. Arkansas - 343