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Five Quick Takeaways after the loss to Wyoming

It wasn’t what you wanted, but it’s what we got.

NCAA Football: Missouri at Wyoming Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

This is the worst-case scenario.

The number one reason to believe in Mizzou this season was the schedule. A big part of that was the non-conference schedule didn’t have an imposing power-five opponent. Well, it had Wyoming. On the road. And... they lost.

What happened to the defense?

The defense allowed less than 100 yards through the air! Didn’t matter. Because they couldn’t stop the run. They allowed 297 yards and more than 7 yards per carry for a defense which had some high expectations coming into the game. Quarterback Sean Chambers, known for being a running QB, had 120 yards on 10 carries.

Kelly Bryant is what we thought he was.

Bryant isn’t a savior. He is a solid player. He’s not the player some made him out to be. He had more than 400 yards passing on Saturday night, but it wasn’t enough. When the game was on the line, Mizzou couldn’t make a play and Bryant missed on important throws.

Turnovers: They matter

537 to 389 total yards. 423 to 92 passing yards. 31 to 29 minutes total time of possession. Missouri won most of the important categories you tend to look at. Except for one.

Three turnovers for Mizzou and zero for Wyoming. That was supposed to be a point of emphasis in the offseason. So much for that. Turnovers tend to be a matter of luck but any time Mizzou wants to encounter that luck I’m all for it.

Am I allowed to say Mizzou Mizzou’d it?

Editor: >:/

A fumble at the 1-yard line returned 79 yards. A fumble returned for a touchdown. An interception with Mizzou at the 17-yard line.

Sometimes I laugh at Mizzou fans who say the team “Mizzou’d” it. Well, this was the classic example. A chance at a special season spoiled a week into the year by a few incredibly flukey and terrible turnovers.