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Halftime Thoughts: Kelly Bryant shows off his legs, but struggles through the air.

Tigers take a 17-7 lead in at halftime, but Bryant has seemed out of sync on this throws so far.

NCAA Football: South Carolina at Missouri Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

When it comes to Missouri-South Carolina you can expect weird. And the beginning of the game did not disappoint. The Tigers used a batted pass to the South Carolina quarterback, who then caught the ball and threw it to the ground backwards to be recovered by Missouri, to take an early lead. If the play sounded weird enough, it took about 5 minutes to sort through via replay thanks to the original call being an illegal forward pass.

That play was indicative of the kind of half it would be for the offenses. It hasn’t been smooth, but Missouri’s late offensive touchdown showed there’s some life out there after all., as they used Kelly Bryants legs to get them into position for an easy Albert Okwuegbunam touchdown.

Here is the halftime Box from StatBroadcast.

Missouri’s defense has been really good so far. Carolina has 30 total yards of offense and just three in the air. Joshuah Bledsoe has been lights out, and the secondary has tormented the Carolina receivers, while their quarterback, Ryan Hilinski has struggled to connect all day.

Again, this is a game where you can expect the weird to be the norm. So it is going to be important for Missouri to stick to the Gamecocks on defense, and hopefully find a way to put another few touchdowns on the board to gather some distance going into the later stages of the game.

The weather, once considered to be major impact, has been barely noticeable. Though it does look to have impacted the attendance.

Here’s to a clean second half and hopefully a Mizzou win!