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Missouri-Oklahoma State snap counts: Picking on corners and embracing intermediate throws

Drew Lock’s final game with the Tigers saw a lot of success in the nether zone between dump-offs and bombs.

Snap Counts

If you followed along with my work in this space last year, you know that I endeavored to provide snap counts for every Missouri player for every offensive and defensive snap that counted during the season.

If you were not...well, I just explained what this is in the last graf. You should have paid attention.

Anyway, I pored over the film of the Tigers’ 38-33 loss to Oklahoma State in the Liberty Bowl to see who Missouri used on offense and defense, how often and in what ways. Then I tried to gather it in a way that wouldn’t bore you too terribly.

Did I fail? Did I succeed? I suppose that’s up for history to decide.

And now the thrilling conclusion of Year 3 of ... Snap Counts...


  • Ah, the last throw chart of Drew Lock’s career. Against Oklahoma State, he was much more effective throwing left (10-of-16, 249 yards, 3 TD) than right (13-of-22, 124 yards).
  • He didn’t hit long very often — 3-of-10...possibly thanks to Emanuel Hall’s groin injury — but when he did, he amassed 164 total yards. Most of them came on the 58-yarder to Hall before he went out and the 86-yard touchdown to Johnathon Johnson.
  • The mid-range throws (10-19 yards) were the real star of the show, though: Lock hit 6-of-9 of those for 121 yards and scores to Kendall Blanton and Dominic Gicinto. Those impressive crossing route finds to Johnson and Barrett Banister came on mid throws as well.
  • Poor DeMarkus Acy. Taylor Cornelius picked on him mercilessly. The Cowboys completed 9 of 17 PASSES THROWN ACY’S WAY for 165 yards and two scores. They obviously did not subscribe to the theory of throwing away from the team’s most proven cover corner.
  • Christian Holmes gave up 4-of-9 passing for 40 yards and, on the whole, the corners allowed 212 yards and 15 completions on 28 attempts.
  • Thanks to Cam Hilton’s sporty day (1-of-4, 14 yards, 2 INT), the safeties saved pretty complete disaster. They ended up at 7-of-11 for 84 yards, 2 TD and 2 INT, not much thanks to Tyree Gillespie’s two catches on two attempts for 39 yards and two scores allowed.
  • Larry Rountree (or is it Routree?) picked up his 204 yards and 27 carries on 58 snaps, or 72.5 percent of the team’s total. Impressive workmanlike effort. And Missouri gets two more years of him.
  • Derek Dooley threw an interesting wrinkle into the bowl game, shuttling Johnson in as H-back in a 2-1-2 set five times and motioning Jalen Knox into the backfield on three occasions. They didn’t meet with much success, but interesting nonetheless.
  • The TEPS (tight ends per snap) rate was a measly 1.16 to end the season. Disappointing, but not surprising given all the coming back Missouri had to do in the second half. Blanton got most of his snaps attached and Daniel Parker took most of his at H-back. I’m eagerly awaiting what that combination will look like with a healthy Albert Okwuegbunam, Parker (and Messiah Swinson?) next year.
  • Hall played only 12 snaps, and Kam Scott (55) picked up the slack, rep-wise. Banister also had a really nice end to his redshirt freshman season, stepping in for 20 snaps and getting on the field in crunch time in the potential game-winning drive...when basically everyone else was injured.
  • Akial Byers and Chris Turner go into next year as the clear favorites to start at end, maybe even no matter what happens with Tre Williams. It was kind of trending that way before the suspension.
  • Tackle’s going to be a bit of a puzzle. Like, Jordan Elliott and who? Kind of like it was Terry Beckner and who coming into this season. Beckner got more breathers than usual in the bowl, playing 58 percent of the time. Maybe because Oklahoma State was gassing the Tigers line with its tempo.
  • Nick Bolton got a little taste in Terez Hall’s stead in the second half, and Ronnell Perkins played almost every snap at strong side, meaning he’s probably a pretty sure starter going into next year. Jamal Brooks and Bolton were out there for some meaningful snaps in the fourth quarter and acquitted themselves well. Bolton even chipped in on a Beckner sack.
  • Adam Sparks coming back healthy would be a big boon for the secondary. Or Jarvis Ware stepping up going into his sophomore year. Somebody who can challenge those top two and push them a little.
  • The safety spots are going to be an interesting battle between Khalil Oliver, Gillespie and Joshuah Bledsoe going into next year. They were pretty interchangeable down the second half of the season.
  • Dooley, again, shuttled his personnel basically everywhere, using nine different looks. The 3-1-1 was, far and away, the most successful, netting 219 yards on 13 plays, Johnson’s long touchdown pass and Rountree’s long touchdown run thrown in.
  • On defense, the Dime was pretty terrible. It gave up 91 yards and a touchdown on 10 plays overall — 32 on three in the 4-1-6 and 59 on seven in the 3-2-6.
  • Also, Missouri obviously thought it saw something formationally on film from the Cowboys because it popped an end up 14 times in what it thought were passing situations. Oklahoma State, however, ran on seven of those 14 plays and gashed the Tigers for 84 yards.
  • That’s all I got! Hope this was fun and informational! Or at least not too much of a drag...

Drew Lock When Throwing... the Left
0-9 yards: 5-of-8, 52 yards
10-19 yards: 3-of-4, 53 yards, 2 TD
20+ yards: 2-of-4, 144 yards, TD
Total: 10-of-16, 249 yards, 3 TD the Right
0-9 yards: 9-of-11, 36 yards, fumble lost
10-19 yards: 3-of-5, 68 yards
20+yards: 1-of-6, 20 yards
Total: 13-of-22, 124 yards, fumble lost

0-9 yards: 14-of-19, 88 yards, fumble lost
10-19 yards: 6-of-9, 121 yards, 2 TD
20+ yards: 3-of-10, 164 yards, TD


Oklahoma State When Targeting...

Cornerbacks — 15-of-28, 212 yards, 2 TD
DeMarkus Acy: 9-of-17, 165 yards, 2 TD
Christian Holmes: 4-of-9, 40 yards
Jarvis Ware: 2-of-2, 7 yards

Safeties — 7-of-11, 84 yards, 2 TD, 2 INT
Cam Hilton: 1-of-4, 14 yards, 2 INT
Khalil Oliver: 3-of-4, 22 yards
Tyree Gillespie: 2-of-2, 39 yards, 2 TD
Joshuah Bledsoe: 1-of-1, 9 yards

Linebackers — 5-of-6, 32 yards
Ronnell Perkins: 3-of-3, 16 yards
Terez Hall: 2-of-2, 16 yards
Nick Bolton: 0-of-1


Drew Lock — 80

Running Back
Larry Rountree — 58
Tyler Badie21

Daniel Parker — 17
Kendall Blanton16
Johnathon Johnson5
Jalen Knox — 3

Wide Receiver
Jalen Knox — 64
Kam Scott — 55
Johnathon Johnson50
Barrett Banister — 20
Emanuel Hall — 12
Richaud Floyd9
Kendall Blanton — 7
Dominic Gicinto — 6
Daniel Parker — 3
Alex Ofodile2
Tyler Badie — 1
Nate Brown1

Tight End
Kendall Blanton — 31
Daniel Parker — 16
Samson Bailey3

Paul Adams80
Trystan Colon-Castillo80
Yasir Durant80
Kevin Pendleton80
Tre’Vour Wallace-Simms — 80



Akial Byers — 46
Nate Anderson40
Chris Turner40
Trajan Jeffcoat18

Terry Beckner — 46
Jordan Elliott38
Walter Palmore35
Rashad Brandon26
Kobie Whiteside6

Rush End
Akial Byers — 6
Nate Anderson — 4
Chris Turner4

Cale Garrett70
Terez Hall — 66
Ronnell Perkins — 63
Nick Bolton — 13
Brandon Lee7
Jamal Brooks — 6

Joshuah Bledsoe — 10
Khalil Oliver — 10

DeMarkus Acy — 77
Christian Holmes — 74
Jarvis Ware — 7

Cam Hilton — 51
Tyree Gillespie — 42
Khalil Oliver — 36
Joshuah Bledsoe — 28

Offensive Set Success

Run: 13 for 91 (7.00 avg.)
Pass: 5-of-9, 41 yards (4.56 avg.)
Total: 22 plays, 132 yards (6.00 avg.)

Run: 5 for 22 (4.40 avg.)
Pass: 11-of-14, 101 yards (7.21 avg.)
Total: 19 plays, 123 yards (6.47 avg.)

Run: 5 for 62 (12.4 avg.), TD
Pass: 5-of-8, 157 yards (19.6 avg.), 2 TD, fumble lost
Total: 13 plays, 219 yards (16.5 avg.), 3 TD, fumble lost

Run: 11 for 30 (2.73 avg.)
Pass: 0-of-2
Total: 13 plays, 30 yards (2.31 avg.)

Run: 2 for 30 (15.0 avg.)
Pass: 2-of-4, 74 yards (18.5 avg.), TD
Total: 6 plays, 104 yards (17.3 avg.), TD

Run: 2 for 21 (10.5 avg.)

Run: 2 for 4 (2.00 avg.)

Run: 2 for 4 (2.00 avg.)

Pass: 0-of-1


Defensive Set Success

Run: 22 for 82 (3.73 avg.), TD
Pass: 18-of-30, 225 yards (7.50 avg.), 3 TD, 2 INT
Sack: 1 for -6
Total: 53 plays, 301 yards (5.68 avg.), 4 TD, 2 INT

Run: 7 for 84 (12.0 avg.)
Pass: 4-of-7, 26 yards (3.71 avg.)
Total: 14 plays, 110 yards (7.86 avg.)

Dime (3-2-6)
Run: 1 for 12
Pass: 4-of-5, 50 yards (10.0 avg.), TD
Sack: 1 for -3
Total: 7 plays, 59 yards (8.43 avg.), TD

Dime (4-1-6)
Pass: 1-of-3, 32 yards (10.7 avg.)

Fake Punt Fail
Run: 1 for 5

Run: 2 for -5