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Might as well be in a butcher’s shop, because we’re still talking about this Tennessee beef

Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

1. The drama of the Missouri-Tennessee game on Sunday was the topic of media day Wednesday.

In addition to Sophie Cunningham’s high elbow — accidental, she said, — there has been the on-going controversy of Lauren Aldridge clapping too forcefully and too close to Tennessee assistant coach Holly Warlick.

Here’s the video:

It’s absurd that Aldridge even apologized for this. Does it look more like a taunt when the video is slowed down? Yes, of course. But, Warlick is an adult, a coach, and the fact that she felt it necessary to react that way probably says more about how the game was going — a game Missouri ended up winning — than anything Aldridge did.

Anyway, here’s Aldridge talking about that moment:

No one has written about this on-going beef better than Daniel Jones of the Columbia Tribune, so make sure you check out his run-down following media day on Wednesday.

2. Missouri football continues to get pre-preseason love.

Another day, and another Missouri sighting in a way-too-early 2019 Top 25 poll.

This time it comes from Stadium, which has Missouri at ...

(tips glasses down nose)

(removes glasses)

(fogs and cleans glasses)

(holds screen close to face, than further away)


Here’s what they say:

The Tigers will replace Second Team All-SEC quarterback Drew Lock with Clemson transfer Kelly Bryant, who has College Football Playoff experience and he should keep Missouri as a top-25 team. Missouri has a favorable start to its 2019 campaign with games at Wyoming before five home games in a row against West Virginia, Southeast Missouri, South Carolina, Troy and Ole Miss, which means the Tigers could climb into the top-15 with a strong September and October.

On another note, Stadium also says that Missouri is one of four teams that has betting value for 2019. The biggest reason for that?

A serendipitous schedule:

They draw the two weakest teams from the West in Ole Miss and Arkansas. Avoiding teams like Alabama, LSU and Auburn makes their schedule a lot less daunting on paper and could lead to value in the futures markets.

3. The Senior Bowl approaches; that means get ready for all that Drew Lock #content.

The Senior Bowl — Jan. 26 in Mobile, Ala. — is going to draw a lot attention because of the group of quarterbacks in attendance.

Drew Lock, of course, is one of them.

Judging from Lock’s Instagram Stories, there’s an ESPN crew following him around (in some capacity) while he trains out in California ahead of the Senior Bowl and NFL Combine.

Speaking of Lock, another quarterback could be declaring for the draft. The San Francisco Chronicle is reporting that Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray is expected to declare for the NFL draft on Sunday.

While Dwayne Haskins’ declaration likely dropped Lock down the quarterback board, would Murray have a big impact? While Murray is certainly talented — he won the damn Heisman, after all — his size will probably be a negative. Also, his prospects as a professional baseball player also likely means team will be less inclined to draft him with a high pick.

Either way, an interesting story line to watch.

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