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PODCAST! Let’s talk to The Mizzodcast

Speaker’s Circle with Josh Matejka is back talking to members of the Mizzodcast.

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Speaker’s Circle with Josh Matejka is back! In the latest edition of this podcast, Josh welcomes on two-thirds of the Mizzodcast, Caleb and Brendon (Our apologies that Collin could not make it). Many of you are familiar with their work, but let’s get to know them a little bit more. They talk being fans of Mizzou, the Mizzou beat, and much more. Here we go.

Episode Breakdown:

:15 – 4:36: Intro and let’s get to know the members of the Mizzodcast. What is your relationship to Mizzou sports?

4:37 – 20:35: How did the Mizzodcast get started? Let’s talk about the growth of this podcast and the personalities on the show.

20:36 – 25:44: Sour Grapes, Mizzodcast Twitter and dealing with opposing fan bases.

25:45 – 42:46: And now, it’s time to talk Mizzou Sports. Starting with football. Recapping 2018 and what the future holds.

42:43 – 54:06: Let’s talk Mizzou Basketball and other Mizzou Sports to wrap things up.

54:07 – END: Final Thoughts and be sure to check out The Mizzodcast. Don’t forget to Rate/Review/and Subscribe to Rock M Radio wherever you get your podcasts.

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