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PODCAST: A New Week and a New Challenge for Mizzou Football

Before the Box Score Returns with Nate Edwards to get you ready for Ole Miss with Zach Berry from Red Cup Rebellion

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South Carolina v Missouri Photo by David Eulitt/Getty Images

Welcome back Tiger Fans, to another episode of Before The Box Score with Nate Edwards! Joining the still vacationing Nate (dude, we GET IT, you’re on vacation) this week is Zach Berry, the managing editor for SB Nation site, Red Cup Rebellion, so everything you need to know about Ole Miss is right here! The guys are here to get you ready for the game on Saturday as the Ole Miss Rebels come to town for Missouri’s 108th Homecoming.

Episode Breakdown:

1:00 — 5:00: It’s been six years since these teams last met, and 13 years (!!!) since they’ve played in CoMo. What does Zach (and Ole Miss in general) think about the Tigers’ presence in the SEC? Noting that Mizzou is not just known for its football, Zach gives opinions on everything from hoops (“solid”) to baseball (“lots of guys in MLB”) and talks about how he’d like to visit sometime in his lifetime. They also chat about how Missouri and Ole Miss are really on similar tracks— both hired alums and both head coaches were previously on staff at their respective programs.

5:01 — 7:59: This year, Ole Miss hired some coordinators that were previously head coaches, as well as previous National Coach of the Year winners. What are Zach’s thoughts on these hires? People anticipated, with the hiring of RichRod, that the offense would be the best, but it’s been the opposite. Mike MacIntyre has the defense in a great spot (check out Nate’s defensive preview for more info).

7:59 — 13:10: Next up is discussion on the quarterbacks. Of the two — John Rhys Plumlee and Matt Corral — which quarterback gives Ole Miss the best chance to win? Plumlee really exemplifies the RichRod style and is a legit 4.4 guy, but Corral has that “elite arm talent”. You NEED Matt.

13:11 — 16:30: Talking receivers and the Ole Miss passing game— outside of Elijah Moore, is there a receiver that Mizzou fans should know about? Braylon Sanders has been hampered by hamstring issues, but the story is really true freshmen Jonathan Mingo, Dannis Jackson, and Jadon Jackson. The Rebels also have the “Coke Machine,” Octavious Cooley, a 275-pound TE who will take you out. Moore is definitely THE guy, though (check out Nate’s offensive preview for more info).

16:31 — 20:05: Everyone’s favorite part! Who are the under the radar Ole Miss players Mizzou Fans should be on the lookout for? On the defense, keep an eye on Deantre Prince and AJ Finley who both got their very first starts against Vandy and made some good second half adjustments. LB Lakia Henry had 15 tackles (!!) last week. Snoop Conner (nomination for All-Name team, here) had a 74-yard run last week.

20:06 — 24:40: What does an Ole Miss win look like against Mizzou? It’s gotta be on the ground, and if Plumlee is the QB (Corral is not 100%), he’s gonna need a lot of rushing yardage. What does Mizzou have to do in order to win? “Do what you do”, according to Zach, who also interjects that it’s 23 minutes into the pod and no one’s even mentioned Larry Three Sticks™ yet— he could be a real x-factor and “can put this game in the oven.”

24:41 — END: To wrap it up, Zach’s got some predictions on KB, and if Ole Miss can cover the spread (-11 as of Thursday afternoon). As for how Zach’s viewing plans, he plans to watch with a Mizzou alum (shocker!) while standing up (no pacing for this guy). Thank you, Zach Berry, for joining us on the Before the Box Score podcast.

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