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Bottom’s Up! What are you drinking for Homecoming?

Happy Homecoming, Tigers! Let’s celebrate our prestigious history with some drinks!

Oktoberfest 2019 Photo by Felix Hörhager/picture alliance via Getty Images

Josh Matejka, The Schlafly Guy

Spoiler alert: I’ve often picked beers in these posts that I don’t actually have access to, but would fit well with the game that week. This week, I’m going with both thematic resonance and actual beer that I have!

A friend recently sent a care package of Missouri beer to us here in North Carolina and with it came my sacred grail of Pumpkin Beer — Schlafly’s Pumpkin Beer. You can try and get fancy about which pumpkin beer you prefer (though my personal favorite is O’Fallon’s Imperial), but Schlafly is still the gold standard. It’s also the perfect beer to celebrate “home” for a homecoming where I’ll be absent.

RunMizzou11, The Absent Alum

I regret to inform everyone that I will not be attending the Homecoming festivities this year. I have a 7:20 AM flight to catch on Sunday for a work trip. This is all the more disappointing because this is the first Homecoming since I became a Mizzou alum. So since I am not able to come home, I’ll be having some home brews my cousin’s husband gave me this past weekend. There are a couple different kinds, and I am looking forward to trying them while watching the game and planning for next year’s homecoming.

AlaTiger, Sticking With His Guns

It’s been a long week, and with this in my fridge, do I really need to think about drinking anything else? Also, it’s homecoming, and Tank 7 is what I picked for the first of these Bottom’s Up posts, so it seems appropriate.

Extremely good use of a fridge shelf, imo

kristina, The Dejected Cardinal Fan

So, given by game time, my baseball team could be down 0-2, I really think the best route is going easy so I’m not asleep on the floor by eight o’clock. So this probably means I’ll have to steal some of my significant other’s Truly, which in and by itself is just sad. Honestly, they all taste the same, but somehow White Claw gets the media buzz. Okay, the black cherry one is tolerable, but the rest? I’m missing something here. However, if a friend ends up at our house due to the fact we’re doing some deer chili for dinner, she’ll have Tito’s and club soda with lime, and I’m game for that as well. (And yes, of course, there’re always wine.)