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PODCAST: After its most impressive win of the season, the door is open for Mizzou

The Fifth Down returns recapping the Mizzou win over Ole Miss while also taking a look at what’s going on around the conference and in the college football landscape as a whole.

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Mississippi v Missouri Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

Welcome back to another round of The Fifth Down with Mitch Hill and Bennett Hughes! Apologies for this not coming on Sunday... Schedules got in the way, BUT that means you get to relish in that Mizzou victory for just a little bit longer. Mizzou’s door to win the SEC East is open... Shall we dream?

To the breakdown:

(Start - 7:32) — Let’s talk about the game! John Rhys Plumlee (such an SEC qb name) is the fastest quarterback either have seen in quite some time. Along with Matt Corral, Ole Miss will likely be catching some teams by surprise this year. On the Mizzou side, Mitch finally gets the Larry Three Sticks™ game he’s been predicting the entire season! Also, our hosts discuss Dawson Downing, who will NOT be denied, Tyler Badie- leading all SEC running backs in yards receiving, and Derek Dooley is having some fun out there drawing up some crazy looks. Kelly might be a superhero- he took so many hits on Saturday and just bounced right back up like it was nothing. JJ was moving around the offense a ton, and Ole Miss had no answer for him.

(7:33 - 11:19) — Missing Richaud Floyd is a big deal. What’s up with special teams? There always seems to be something amiss and we haven’t really had a clean game all season. Whether it’s Tucker McCann missing field goals or JJ muffing the punt on Saturday, something always seems to go awry.

(11:20 - 14:12) — Defense talk! Nick Bolton is a flat-out stud. This defense is solid. The fourth down stop before halftime changed the entire complexion of the game. These types of things keep happening. Yeah, this defense is good, guys. Jordan Elliott is coming into his own and he’s blowing up plays all the time.

(14:13 -22:24) — We just can’t help ourselves! We’re looking at the opportunities ahead. Georgia was shocked by South Carolina this weekend. Georgia and Florida still have to play each other and each have tough schedules ahead. More talk around the conference— Florida is coming off a tough loss at LSU (but who can blame them for losing, honestly). Joe Burrow from LSU is a legit Heisman contender right now. Tennessee looks... not terrible? Vandy is most definitely a dumpster fire, especially after getting housed by UNLV. Also, their attendance is horrendous. Kentucky played a WR at quarterback and beat Arkansas, and Alabama throttled A&M by 19.

(22:25 - 28:45) — Elsewhere around the top 25... since we are ranked now, these are our peers! Chatting Oklahoma vs Texas— Jalen Hurts is playing like a Heisman candidate and Tom Hermann is probably waterboarding his defense. Also, Baylor is undefeated, Wisconsin is a legit threat in the Big 10, and Notre Dame beat rival USC. Georgia’s playoff hopes likely aren’t dashed yet, but are the Dawgs regretting letting Justin Fields walk?

(28:46 - end) — Picking an MVP for the homecoming game, and no one should be surprised by Mitch’s choice. Who’s the honorary MVP? And they close with some final thoughts.

Thanks for tuning into another episode, y’all.

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