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PODCAST: Before the Box Score, previewing the Vanderbilt Commodores for Mizzou’s first SEC road game of the season

Nate Edwards talks with Rock M football columnist Ryan Faller about this week’s Vanderbilt match up. Topics include: winning with a C effort, chances of an annoying loss, the Derek Mason situation, a Vandy vs SEMO dream matchup, vanilla playbooks, and wildly specific predictions

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NCAA Football: Mississippi at Missouri Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome, Tiger Fans, to Before The Box Score with Nate Edwards, a podcast that previews the weekend’s game with a veritable smorgasbord of guests. Joining Nate this week is fellow Rock M Nation contributor, The Batman, Ryan Faller. They’re talking about that “fancy doctor/ fancy lawyer” school, Vanderbilt, and the matchup against them this weekend.

In this episode: Nate and Ryan help you get ready for what should hopefully be an easy Tiger victory. BUT, as most Tiger fans know, easy victories are not always the case. They also share some of their thoughts on players to watch out for, possible breakouts, and a score prediction as well!

Let’s get to it!

Episode Breakdown:

:15 – 1:48: No Vanderbilt podcasting takers this week... and so Before The Box Score turns to its resident football columnist, Ryan Faller. It kinda seems like the poor guy is the go-to for the games when no one else wants to talk about the other team. Because of this, this weeks’ pod will feature a new motto- “the few, the proud, the ones that will (actually dare to) talk about Vanderbilt.”

1:49 – 5:50: Nate has been previewing the Vandy Team on Offense and on Defense in his Rock M posts this week. Have Ryan’s impressions of the Tigers changed since SEMO? Can Mizzou show up with a “C” effort and still win these days? (short answer- we aren’t Bama, you guys)

5:51 – 7:40: As a lot of Mizzou fans know, an annoying loss can always happen. Could Vanderbilt or Kentucky be that for Mizzou this year? No one foresees a Vandy loss, but yes, a UK loss would be bad (side note- Nate, keep that negativity outta here! Git! Scram!). Ryan references his best/worse scenarios piece — you all should all revisit it. A win against FL would now be much better than previously thought, and would therefore not be considered “annoying” by this metric.

7:41 – 9:56: Could Vandy beat SEMO? It’s an honest, harmless question, and one that absolutely needs to be asked. How about if they play 100 times? What about if they just play a single game— how long could SEMO hang? For the record, since playing Mizzou, SEMO has beaten up on some mighty teams, one that receives Nate’s nomination for all-time chant (behind M-I-Z, of course).

9:57 – 14:30: Pivoting back to Vandy. What scares you the most about the ‘Dores? Ke’Shawn Vaughn is pretty much their offense. Take notes, everyone. Does being without Cale Garrett impact this area of the game or is Mizzou going to be okay? Thinking about the Derek Mason situation... Does this team even win another game? Or do they have nothing to lose? Nate’s only partially scared because he’s been diagnosed with what the millennials are (probably) calling the “road scaries” (similar to the Sunday scaries, I would think).

18:04 – END: How will this game play out? Maybe we’ll see some cool stuff like Yasir Durant in the slot circa the Ole Miss game, but likely, it’ll be a vanilla playbook. Some specific predictions to wrap things up— Ryan’s thinking it’ll be a big game for Larry Three Sticks™ (editor’s note- Mitch, we’ve finally made it happen!), Jalen Knox, and haveTFL domination from Hansford and Elliott, while Nate has a bold Tucker McCann thought. Thanks to Ryan for hopping on the pod last minute.

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