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Bottom’s Up! What are you drinking for Mizzou vs. Vanderbilt?

We’re taking this thing weekly! Let’s raise our glasses to (hopefully) another Mizzou victory!

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[Editor’s Note: Bottom’s Up! was originally supposed to a post that we did only for home games to celebrate Mizzou’s decision to provide beer and alcohol for fans at Faurot Field. But you heathens responded so well, we decided to make it weekly! So drink up, folks.]

Zwal93, The “Ooooo You Use Untappd? Fancy!” Guy

Ah Vanderbilt. The Commodores are to the SEC as Rolla is to the UM system. Yeah, they’re probably smarter than the rest of us, but nobody but them actually cares about that and besides, they’re just a bunch of nerds anyways. The Fighting, um, Technically Still a Football Team Derek Masons were last seen being blown out by a school best known for… winning the 1990 NCAA Tournament? For real? Anyways, my original plan here was to check Untappd for a Nashville beer I enjoyed on my trip to the 2017 Vanderbilt game but apparently I didn’t check-in any. So we’ll go with my favorite Tennessee beer I had in Memphis at the Liberty Bowl which was Traffic IPA from Crosstown Brewing Company.

AlaTiger, The Good Fan

I have no idea what I will be drinking, as I haven’t been able to determine what craft beer is served at Vanderbilt’s stadium. I have discovered thanks to someone at AnchorOfGold that they have one macro beer stand and one craft beer stand on the Vandy side, so I assume they have the same setup on the visitor side.

My hope is that one of the craft beers available is Blackberry Farm Brewing’s Classic Saison. This is far and away the best beer brewed in Tennessee, and one of my favorite beers period. If you can get your hands on some, absolutely do so. You won’t regret it.

Josh Matejka, The Sad, Not-Drinking Guy

I am currently in the middle of an all-week work function where I will not be drinking on the job. HOWEVER, if I were to be drinking, I’d need something easy and tasty. I’m choosing a beer literally closest to home with Fonta Flora’s Märzen. It’s perfect for fall as a classic take on an autumn lager with their signature lager yeast strain. I can practically taste it now...

MIZ_DBH, The Golden Boy

There are Saturdays (and occasionally even whole seasons) of SEC football where heavy drinking is nearly required to survive — just ask the folks over in Fayetteville! I certainly hope that tomorrow is not one of those days. Missouri waltzes into Nashville with a pretty 5-1 record, while Vanderbilt is coming in with the inverse of that. That’s a long way of saying that with any luck, you can get away with a pretty light buzz tomorrow, and that’s exactly what Founders Solid Gold [editor’s note: hell yeah] will give you with an ABV at just 4.4%. It also seems vaguely appropriate to go with a beer called “Solid Gold” given the respective school colors of the two teams involved, although Mizzou will be rolling with the all-white unis tomorrow. It’s easy drinking, with a little bit of a bitter after-taste, just like beating Vandy should be relatively easy, but then at a certain point, you remember it’s Vandy and, it’s not quite as sweet anymore. Anyway, if this game calls for anything heavier duty than this, we’re probably going to be having flashbacks to Week 1, so let’s not do that.

kristina, The Marathoner

Today’s game poses a little challenge in terms of beverages. For the first half, I’ll be at home, and finally, most likely, will be consuming what I’m best known for, which is those tasty fermented grapes. As it’s still not cold outside, and my definition of that means snow isn’t possible, sticking to the unoaked chardonnay thing. Once that snow thing comes into play, I’ll switch to some form of a dry red. The second half however, we’ll be at a family function of his, which means a hodge-podge of crazy food options (and I only know what one is for sure) and his brother is making both a “rum based” drink and a “vodka based” drink with no further details. We’re to the age these should taste pretty good and not put you on the floor in half an hour, but you never know. (Not knocking the younger crowd, just being hungover when you’re older is so not worth it, if it ever is.) So I’ll probably bring back up wine just in case. Got to be prepared, right? (Rule #1: Cardio.)

RunMizzou11, The Guy Who Found an Anchor Beer!

As a Mizzou fan, you never feel all that confident about any game. There’s a reason the #Mizzou’d hashtag exists. That being said, this week’s matchup against Vanderbilt is about as a sure thing as it gets in the SEC. Sure, it’s on the road for Vandy’s homecoming, but Mizzou is rolling right now and should definitely take care of business. In order to counter “Anchor Down”, I will be putting some anchors down and drinking Anchor Steam beer out of San Francisco.

Matt Harris, The Tastemaker

If I had foresight, I would have tracked down a Belle Meade product, a fine distillery based in the Music City. Instead, I’ll crack the seal on Old Forester’s 1897 Bottled in Bond Whiskey, a bold bourbon that features notes of fruit, caramel and vanilla. And at 95 proof, it’s still easy sipping. For beer, there’s a great brewery a mile from Chez Harris that makes a phenomenal Citra IPA called Black Acre Brewing TV Wolf. You need bright and saucy flavors to keep you conscious for a game involving Vandy.