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Report Cards are in! Oh, wait, are we not excited about that this time?

Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

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Quick, hide them from your parents!

Remember when you had your first bad grade and tried to hide your report card from your parents? That was pretty easy when they were take home things on pieces of paper.

Now what if your teacher plastered your report card on Twitter? Think about that while you wade through these tough examinations of Missouri’s woeful loss.

  • Mitchell Forde wasn’t kind (obviously) to the team overall, but had some nicer things to say about the defense.
  • Pro Football Focus also graded the Missouri players individually and, well, those with weak constitutions may want to look away. (subscribers to PowerMizzou only)
  • Souichi Terada issued his first report card for the Kansas City Star and added a few thoughts looking ahead to Kentucky.
  • Dave Matter singled out Missouri’s penalty issues as the big takeaway from Saturday’s loss, which I think qualifies as a big, fat F for the coaching staff.

Yesterday at Rock M

More Links:

  • Could you believe it? Missouri dropped in SP+ this week!

Gee thanks, Bill. You can’t goose those numbers for us just a little bit?

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