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FanPulse 9.0: the Elite are elite, the mediocre fill out of the rest of the ballot

Missouri’s trek into the top 25 was short lived. But it was fun while it lasted!

fan pulse fanpulse 9.0 week 8 top 25

I’m probably a lot like all of you. Slightly deflated after this past weekend. Filling out the top 25 is getting more difficult as the resumes all seem to merge together. I even took to twitter to complain talk about it.

So many mediocre resumes out there. But there are good teams!

So, who’s at the top?

fan pulse fanpulse 9.0 week 8 top 25

Alabama, of course! It’s all we know at this point.

I stopped voting Bama first because frankly, their resume doesn’t call for it. It’s voting on program expectations at this stage. LSU and Ohio State both have better resumes. LSU has the best resume, but it’s hard to see Ohio State and not think they’re the best overall team. They’re simply dominant. Alabama has been good, and their offense is lights out, but they continue to be merely okay on defense.

I think you sprinkle in Clemson and there’s your top four. Teams who are vying for the Playoff at this point are probably those four and Oklahoma. Once you hit the top 5, the shelf falls a bit. Penn State, Georgia, Auburn, Florida, etc... they’re all good teams. Wisconsin looked flat against Illinois and lost, SMU (?) is fine. Minnesota hasn’t beaten anyone. Texas need a last second field goal to beat kansas... AT HOME!

I’m not sure the rankings are going to get much easier either.

This week’s question revolved around the the upcoming week of games, who is your top pick?

  • Auburn at LSU - 38.9%
  • Wisconsin at Ohio State - 34%
  • Notre Dame at Michigan - 13.7%
  • North Dakota State at South Dakota State - 5.5%
  • Washington State at Oregon - 4.5%
  • Penn State at Michigan State - 3.5%

I’m shocked Mizzou-Kentucky isn’t on the list. I voted OSU-Wiscy. If OSU blasts the doors off that defense I will put them in the top spot.

FanPulse submission applications are always open. If you want to vote in the poll, or even for the Tigers, you can still sign up: Click HERE to sign up!

So, with the Tigers out of the top 25, who did Mizzou fans vote for? Here’s the national ballot with our own fan votes.

Here is how the votes went:

SBNation FanPulse Fan Poll Week 8

SBNation Missouri Fans Diff
SBNation Missouri Fans Diff
Alabama (7-0) Alabama (7-0) -
LSU (7-0) LSU (7-0) -
Ohio State (7-0) Ohio State (7-0) -
Clemson (7-0) Clemson (7-0) -
Oklahoma (7-0) Oklahoma (7-0) -
Penn State (7-0) Penn State (7-0) -
Georgia (6-1) Georgia (6-1) -
Auburn (6-1) Auburn (6-1) -
Florida (7-1) Florida (7-1) -
Notre Dame (5-1) Notre Dame (5-1) -
Oregon (6-1) Oregon (6-1) -
Wisconsin (6-1) SMU (7-0) ↑ 1
SMU (7-0) Wisconsin (6-1) ↓ 1
Minnesota (7-0) Minnesota (7-0) -
Texas (5-2) Baylor (7-0) ↑ 2
Utah (6-1) Texas (5-2) ↓ 1
Baylor (7-0) Utah (6-1) ↓ 1
Cincinnati (6-1) Cincinnati (6-1) -
App State (6-0) App State (6-0) -
Wake Forest (6-1) Wake Forest (6-1) -
Arizona State (5-2) Arizona State (5-2) -
Boise State (6-1) Boise State (6-1) -
Virginia (5-2) Virginia (5-2) -
San Diego State (6-1) San Diego State (6-1) -
Michigan (5-2) Michigan (5-2) -

Also receiving votes: Virginia, Oklahoma State, Iowa, Washington, Temple

We really held the line here. I’m curious how many of you voted Missouri in the top 25. Because I’m a total homer I left them at 25, but mostly because I threatened to dump Wisconsin for their loss, and Texas for theirs... so I did, fully expecting my vote to get mostly washed out.

Fan Confidence time... And I kind of expected this. Mizzou fan confidence dropped to 53.1% after the ugly loss to Vandy. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯