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Missouri Basketball receives votes in AP top 25

The preseason poll came out and the Tigers are receiving votes

NCAA Basketball: SEC Basketball Tipoff Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes things just don’t quite add up.

In the case of Missouri basketball, they were voted 13th in the conference (out of 14th teams) by the SEC Basketball media poll. We all scoffed, because we know better, right everyone?

Then KenPom released his preseason projections and Mizzou landed 39th, which felt a little more like it.

Today the AP poll was released and Missouri landed in OTHERS RECEIVING VOTES EVERYONE!

Here’s the full poll:

  1. Michigan State
  2. Kentucky*
  3. Kansas
  4. Duke
  5. Louisville
  6. Florida
  7. Maryland
  8. Gonzaga
  9. North Carolina
  10. Villanova
  11. Virginia
  12. Seton Hall
  13. Texas Tech
  14. Memphis
  15. Oregon
  16. Baylor
  17. Utah State
  18. Ohio State
  19. Xavier*
  20. St. Mary’s
  21. Arizona
  22. LSU*
  23. Purdue
  24. Auburn*
  25. VCU

Others receiving votes:Washington 164, Colorado 152, Tennessee* 78, Marquette 68, Florida St. 36, Davidson 34, Harvard 24, Illinois* 14, Missouri 13, Mississippi St.* 12, Houston 11, Georgetown 11, Cincinnati 8, Notre Dame 7, Creighton 4, Syracuse 3, NC State 3, Vermont 2, Alabama* 2, Southern Cal 2, Liberty 2, Michigan 2, Dayton 1, Colgate 1, Providence 1.

I’ve asterisked all the teams Missouri plays, including a road matchup against Xavier. It’s early, and a lot like College Football nobody really knows how things are going to shake out in the middle of the power conferences. As evidence by the SEC media voting Missouri 13th, where local media has higher expectations.

Anyway, it’s a start. It also means we’re getting much much closer to the start of the college basketball season.