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PODCAST: Mizzou falls flat in Music City

The Fifth Down Returns, recapping that less than ideal showing on Saturday.

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NCAA Football: Missouri at Vanderbilt Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back to another Round of The Fifth Down with Mitch Hill and Bennett Hughes! Ooooof, that wasn’t fun. Mitch and Bennett dive into what took place against Vandy on Saturday, and it’s safe to say that plenty of people were wrong about that game. Mizzou had their worst game of the season and it was... not a great time to have that. Mizzou has to get it turned around for Kentucky, and only time will tell if they well.

Our hosts then whip around college football because - along with Mizzou - there really were some crazy games this weekend.

Let’s get to it!

Episode Breakdown:

:15 – 3:50: Welcome to The Fifth Down, which today will go by the motto, “This is why we can’t have nice things.” There are not a whole lot of great things to take away from this game, to be honest. At least we got a look at Cade Musser fielding a punt! And we very likely won the attendance battle— at an away game! Let’s burn those nightmare-inducing white pants, shall we?

3:51 – 13:05: After what was probably the most creative and complete game on offense against Ole Miss, that was not the case against Vandy. The offense was anemic and the o-line was manhandled. Special Teams were ugly. That’s a pretty common theme in losses over the last few years, and then there was another bad interception from KB in a scoring scenario. The guys wonder what happens to Andy Hill after this season? His special teams have not been... special. When Mizzou gets popped in the mouth to start a game, that is usually not a great combo.

13:06 – 18:25: Players are not often the ones criticized in college sports, and normally it falls on the coaches. But for this game, we saw a lot of criticism for both. Special shout out to Matt Harris, our basketball editor (and football observer), for his timely tweet about how “Mizzou” it would be to go 10-2 now with our only losses to WY and Vandy. We can only hope, Matt. We can only hope.

18:26 – 27:40: Our therapy session and postmortem debriefing is over, so let’s check in on the rest of College Football. Despite the Vandy results, the Tigers open as a 9 point fave on the road at nemesis, Kentucky. And this just in— College Football is WEIRD, y'all. Wisconsin lost to Illinois (huh?), and Lovie Smith should apparently thank Bennett for that. Three teams went into their games this past weekend favored by more than 20 points, and 23 of them lost— Texas pulled out a last minute victory over a really tough team... kansas. (editor’s note- I don’t honestly know who I wanted to lose more... ew).

20:00 – 27:40: This has become a pro-Joe Burrows, pro-LSU football podcast (editor’s note- I wish to clarify the sport, as we are NOT LSU hoops fans, the cheaters). Checking in on Oklahoma— Jalen Hurts continues to put up video game-like numbers. He wants Bama... bad. Harbaugh continues to be bad in big games. Florida is vulnerable, but is it a blessing that they lost Franks? Georgia is sleepwalking— Fromm threw 35 (!!!!) yards in their game, and all to one receiver. Arkansas had a fake punt... it did not go well (we suggest googling it). The PAC-12 keeps their Playoff hopes alive with Oregon’s win.

27:43 – END: The biggest thing coming out of CFB right now (aside from Mizzou) is the Tua injury. Without Tua, can Bama continue to win like they do? WHY is it the “Year of the Quarterback Injury” in the SEC?! And finally, to wrap things up, we pivot back to Mizzou... who is back to flying under the radar. Recent history shows that isn’t horrible. We are 5-2 and still control our destiny. With that, this concludes a somber episode of The Fifth Down. Thanks for listening/reading!

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