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A little self-reflection and discipline might be all you need

Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

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Tigers in need of a little self-reflection and discipline

Reading through information gathered at Tuesday’s football media day, and wow— the players and coaches really got into it.

From Dave Matter’s notebook-style article in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, offensive coordinator Derek Dooley had a lot to say, including how the team derailed themselves with bad penalties (3 drives with just abhorrent penalties), and the need to play more disciplined football.

“Everything starts with being emotionally ready to play those kind of tough games on the road. Did we really come in with the right mindset? One of the things that we have taken a lot of pride on is the spirit we play with, the heart speed, you’ve all heard me say,” Dooley said. “The toughness. That’s what this football is about. If you come in and lose your edge just a little bit and you play a team that’s back’s against the wall that’s what it looks like.”

After five straight wins with good offensive showings, what happened? Dooley thinks they just got too comfortable.

“It’s a good reminder,” he said. “We all need a little foot up our tail. A little humility. And we certainly got that from Vanderbilt.”

BenFred also touched on the humility aspect in his post, highlighted in the football links.

Dave also had this little gem of a tweet for us all, courtesy of Trystan Colon-Castillo, who is most certainly NOT here for fans’ hot takes on criticizing Barry Odom and wanting him gone.

A bit more from Castillo from Dave’s article, talking about HCBO:

“The man literally pours his heart and soul into this program, gives everything he has,” Colon-Castillo said. “I’ll have that man’s back. He’s been the same guy since I got here. Really, really hard working. He loves his team. He loves this town, this community, calls it home. You talk about that True Son. Coach Odom is a true son.”

You can read Matter’s full article here, and I highly recommend it (as always).

Just a few other bits of football news for you, before we get to the links.

A nomination for Mizzou’s O-Line (which did no favors for Kelly on Saturday)- get it together, guys.

And finally, the SEC Network did an 8-part series on the Southeastern Conference, and last night’s finale focused on the 2012 additions of Missouri & Texas A&M and how they helped shaped the SEC.

And now, on to the links!

Yesterday at Rock M

More Links:



Former Mizzou players in the news

  • The NBA is back as of Tuesday night, y’all, and former Mizzou Hoops players will be hard at work. Love this little video from the graphics team.