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Bottoms Up! What are you drinking for Mizzou vs. Kentucky?


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Karen Steger, Madam Editor

I’ve wracked my brain trying to figure out if I’ve ever had a beer from Lexington, or even from Kentucky, but I just can’t recall. So, I did a little research and decided upon two beers I would love to try while watching this game. The first one I’ll go with is a tribute of sorts to our Rock M colleague, Nate, who has gone on and on about the Wildcats’ use of devil magic, witchcraft, wizardry, sorcery, etc as the only justification for them continually putting a whoopin’ on us. For that reason, I am selecting Rapture, from Dry Ground Brewing Co. in Paducah. Not only does it have a cool as hell name that also fits in with Nate’s dramatically themed posts this week, but it sounds damn delicious. It’s a 9.4% ABV imperial stout (whew, that’ll warm ya right up) with notes of marshmallow, molasses, dark chocolate, and coffee. Sounds like a good beer to test as the days grow colder and as Halloween is upon us. And I’m hoping that by drinking it, I will somehow ward off the evil spirits in Lexington.

My second choice is a Lexington-brewed beer, Pay it Forward Cocoa Porter, from West Sixth Brewing Co. The great thing about this one is that, not only does it sound delicious, but a percentage of its sales go to support a rotation of non-profit charities in the state— how cool! It’s got 6.5 % ABV, and supposedly drinks like an imperial chocolate stout. Yum. And even when Mizzou wins this week, at least Kentucky gets a consolation prize of a charitable donation. That’s nice, right?

Matt Harris, Mr. Four Roses is just fine

So Halloween is a big deal in our neighborhood. As in 67,000 people come through the Irvington Halloween Festival. Last year, we handed out 480 pieces of candy — we’ve ramped our stock this time — as kids went 15-deep of our porch. To celebrate the festivities, we’re going to the beer garden at our ‘hood’s favorite brewery: Black Acre. If there are any RMN readers or Mizzou Alums in Indy, drop by.

For tonight’s tilt, I’m going to dip into some different bottles.

  • E.H. Taylor Bottled in Bond
  • Nikka Coffee Grain Whiskey
  • Yellowstone Select Straight Bourbon

I owe my future father-in-law a(nother) debt for turning me on to Yellowstone, which is made by Limestone Branch Distillery. It opened in 2010 after the Beam Brothers bought it with the goal of reviving Yellowstone. It might be my favorite Rye at the moment, with notes of caramel, cherry and a little citrus zest. At just 93 proof, there’s some body to a glass, but the allspice and oak finishes won’t overpower you. You can drink it straight, make a toddy or mix up a Manhattan.

Josh Matejka, Who Seconds Matt’s Four Roses Assertion

I was planning on sampling some of my bourbon stash this afternoon when Missouri heads to Lexington, but to my dismay I found that I no longer possess any! I don’t know what happened — I’m generally slow when it comes to my whiskey intake, and maybe I didn’t notice that I’d polished off my bottles. But alas. No more.

Without much time to head to my local ABC, I’m going to have to settle for the next best thing (or the better thing depending on which day you ask me). One thing I never run out of is good tequila, so I’ll pour myself a glass of Tres Generaciones Añejo. One thing I’ve learned about Añejo tequilas is that they make a decent bourbon substitute — you’re essentially trading that lovely bite for the sweetness of the agave. It’s still got lots of oaky goodness to convince myself I’m drinking bourbon... though I’m sure Sam and Matt will chastise me for opting for anything less than the best.

The Train & The Box After Party Co-Hosted by Nylon Magazine
This is the Reposado of the same brand, but still a fine tequila nevertheless.
Photo by Amy Sussman/WireImage

RunMizzou11, The Worrier

This is a difficult post for me to write. Doing so forces me to address something that I generally choose to ignore; which is the fact that, according to the record books, we lost last year’s game against Kentucky. I realize Mizzou didn’t do themselves any favors by not earning a first down in the second half, but that game was stolen from us by some dubious officiating on the final two plays. [Deep breath] So, with that being said, here we go...

0-4. That is Mizzou’s record in the last four seasons against Kentucky; a team that, outside of last season, has been the definition of mediocre. You would think that Mizzou would have salvaged at least one win in those four years. Barry Odom has never beaten the Wildcats. After a disappointing loss last week, it feels like that losing streak could very well run to five. But Odom and the Tigers have bounced back once this season. While drinking Chainbreaker White IPA from Deschutes, I hope to be watching the Tigers break their Kentucky losing streak.

kristina, Rock M’s Resident Sommelier

So.............I honestly didn’t watch much of last week’s, so was somewhat spared. Slight benefit to family functions, eh? Forecast for here is dreary, colder and rainy all day long, so barring a trip to the store (TBD) we’re stuck with what we have on hand. Technically, one could use the delivery service, but minus game booze, I really don’t need much. Outside of our general go-to wine and some select 55s (not mine, but certainly if the game goes south and desperation calls..............) there’s not much else, or we can finally open up a bottle of dessert wine from Noboleis Vineyards (one of Augusta’s wineries, though it’s been a while since we’ve been there). Usually those are too sweet for my tastes, but theirs is more on the dry side. Obviously to each their own, but if you’re doing the Augusta wine trail and like drier wines, that’s a good one to stop at. If we do get to the store, I may (may) glance at the beer options, as a fruity beer sounds really good. None of that pumpkin spice nonsense. Only thing about fall / Halloween season I just don’t understand. Make it stop.