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FanPulse 10.0: There’s a new number 1

Man, Missouri was so bad at Kentucky you couldn’t even vote for them after the way they lost to Kentucky.

fanpulse sbn week 10

The results in Lexington aside, it was a pretty weird and exciting week for college football. LSU continued its hot streak with a home win against Auburn team, who now have two close losses to top 10 teams. Alabama easily dispatched of a terrible Arkansas team, and that was enough for the voters of SBNation’s FanPulse to finally give LSU the edge.

As long as Tua Tagovailoa isn’t playing, the Alabama offense is going to be very good but unlikely to be elite. They simply needed to be ‘not horrible’ to beat Arkansas, but LSU’s schedule has seemingly given them the edge needed to take over the top spot. And I honestly have no idea what to do after like... the 5th spot.

So, who else is at the top?

fanpulse sbn week 10

After LSU and Alabama, it’s Ohio State! OSU finally convinced voters with a thorough shellacking of a pretty good Wisconsin team. If you go by resume, I think it’s a battle between LSU and OSU for the top spot (hint: I actually voted for OSU).

But after Clemson and Penn State, you start getting into some seriously flawed football teams. Florida needed South Carolina to implode two weeks ago, and SC then turned around and got blown out by a questionable (but improving!) Tennessee squad. Georgia’s best win against Notre Dame took a hit when the Irish got bombed by a Michigan team who got blown out by Wisconsin. Meanwhile Oklahoma lost to Kansas State, and couldn’t get off the field against an offense who put up 12 points against Baylor and 13 against Oklahoma State.

And that’s not even getting out of the top 10! Good luck the rest of the year, everyone, we’re going to need it.

This week’s question revolved around the most surprising result:

  • Kansas State upsetting Oklahoma - 57.8%
  • Michigan demolishing Notre Dame - 28.5%
  • Texas Tech/Kansas ending - 6.1%
  • Rutgers winning a game - 3.8%
  • TCU upsetting Texas - 2.6%
  • UConn winning a game - 1.4%

Everyone seems surprised Oklahoma, who hasn’t fielded a good defense in years, struggled defensively on the road. I went with Rutgers winning, because that’s just amazing (even if it was against Liberty).

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We can’t even vote for Missouri anymore after the last two weeks (deserved obviously), but let’s check on how the Mizzou fans voted:

Here is how the votes went:

FanPulse Voting Week 9

SBNation Missouri Fans Diff
SBNation Missouri Fans Diff
LSU (8-0) LSU (8-0) -
Alabama (8-0) Alabama (8-0) -
Ohio State (8-0) Ohio State (8-0) -
Clemson (8-0) Clemson (8-0) -
Penn State (8-0) Penn State (8-0) -
Florida (7-1) Florida (7-1) -
Georgia (6-1) Georgia (6-1) -
Oklahoma (7-1) Oklahoma (7-1) -
Utah (7-1) Utah (7-1) -
Baylor (7-0) Baylor (7-0) -
Oregon (7-1) Oregon (7-1) -
Auburn (6-2) Auburn (6-2) -
Minnesota (8-0) Minnesota (8-0) -
SMU (8-0) SMU (8-0) -
Notre Dame (5-2) Notre Dame (5-2) -
Cincinnati (6-1) Cincinnati (6-1) -
App State (7-0) App State (7-0) -
Michigan (6-2) Michigan (6-2) -
Wisconsin (6-2) Wisconsin (6-2) -
Wake Forest (6-1) Wake Forest (6-1) -
San Diego State (7-1) San Diego State (7-1) -
Boise State (6-1) Boise State (6-1) -
Memphis (7-1) Memphis (7-1) -
Louisiana Tech (7-1) Louisiana Tech (7-1) -
Iowa (6-2) Iowa (6-2) -

Also receiving votes: Virginia Tech, Navy, Texas, UCF, Indiana


But man, there’s literally no difference in our voting than the rest of the top 25? I think you guys mailed this one in.

Fan Confidence time... if you’re a hardcore positive fan you might want to look away.

mizzou fanpulse confidence week 9

So I didn’t agree with the Fan Confidence vote after week one. The Wyoming loss, while it sucked, felt fluky and not indicative of any kind of direction for this team. But I voted ‘no’ in the last round because I don’t know how you can feel confident in the direction of the team and/or program with how they’ve played the last few weeks.

Josh’s post this morning spoke to the duality of this team and how they’re capable of looking like they did in the five wins versus the last few weeks. How anyone can be confident at this stage is surprising. And I don’t mean this to mean I think the coach should be fired or anything like that. But when you don’t know what the results are going to look like game to game, it’s hard to have any confidence. Hopefully they can find some stability here soon.