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PODCAST: Mizzou Football is in Need of Some Answers, and Tom Hart has got some of ‘em

The SEC Network’s Tom Hart joins Mitch and Bennett this week on The Fifth Down, where they’re talking about what in the world is going on with Mizzou football, the SEC as a whole, fave CoMo hotspots, and so much more!

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Welcome back to another round of The Fifth Down with Mitch Hill and Bennett Hughes! Special Guest this week.... joining the show is Tom Hart, who many know from the SEC Network and heard his voice on the call Saturday Night against Kentucky. Plenty to go over with Tom (starts at 2:15). Topics include: what is up with Mizzou, thoughts on what has happened on the field this season, where Mizzou is and where they are going, as well as some other takeaways from Mizzou @ Kentucky and the SEC season as a whole.

Post interview, Mitch and Bennett give their thoughts on what Tom had to say, which includes an interesting nugget about Albert O. And really, there is some doom and gloom going on, but, hey, Bye Week is here! It’s the perfect time to get everything right again before the Tigers take on Georgia.

Episode Breakdown:

0:00 - 2:15: Welcome! Our motto this week: “Hello Darkness, my old friend.” (editor’s note- I miss having happy mottos) The guys preview Tom Hart’s interview a bit and then get right into it! Welcome, Tom Hart!

2:16 - 4:58: Getting Tom on the show this week was exactly how one would expect to book a guest in 2019— Twitter DMs. Turns out, they work out better for Bennett in terms of podcasting than they do with the ladies. Tom says there are worse times in Mizzou football than what we’re currently going through— 1985— but it has not been a great showing for the football team the last few weeks, even with some poor weather on Saturday. Tom talks about pouring water on a football to simulate the wet ball drills... in a room full of electronics (not a great idea, my man).

4:49 - 10:57: College Football changes week to week, but what the hell is going on with these Tigers? They haven’t shown much fight, and there’s not much sense of urgency. Barry Odom has that urgency, but why doesn’t his team? What can Mizzou do going forward? Talking the O-Line, what Kentucky has been known for this season (hint- it’s not what they did on Saturday), and playcalling peculiarity. Tom thought the line was a bit high going on since UK is better than both WY and Vandy, but still came away surprised with the result. What really did them in? Tom talks about that truly unfortunate fake punt... yikes.

10:58 - 15:08: Discussing road difficulties, is it really that big of a difference? Kentucky and Vandy are not “the Big 3.” Those are environments where playing on the road will really get to you... not at Kentucky. Not at Vanderbilt. What’s going on with Albert O? Why wasn’t his name called? Tom shares a bit of info he learned after talking with Mizzou coaches that may surprise some (if not a lot) of you.

15:09 - 20:24: Thinking big picture, what is the ceiling for Mizzou in the SEC under Odom and just for the program in general? What’s the biggest threat to this? Can Mizzou consistently be an 8-10 win team, or are fans just expecting too much? How does Mizzou compare to other SEC schools in terms of finances, alumni base, fan support, facilities, and coordinators— the best coordinators make SEVEN figures! When you examine that staffs at say, Bama, LSU or Clemson, how does Mizzou compare?

20:25 - 24:48: What is the biggest story line in the SEC this season? Looking at Alabama and LSU, these are two teams on the precipice. Georgia is underperforming and Fromm is a one-dimensional quarterback. LSU is the story— they have their QB, they have an OC who makes plays that work for Burrow, and things are moving in the right direction.

24:49 - 35:00: To wrap things up with Tom Hart, the guys have some rapid fire questions for him about Columbia, and Tom is nervous... he didn’t study. Favorite Mizzou game attended in football and basketball? Favorite players? Favorite bar when he was a student? Favorite off-the-radar restaurant (editor’s note- I worked there)? Booches vs. Shakes? Who wins? Best/most memorable game ever called? Aside from Columbia, favorite college town? 19-20 year old Tom- pick a sorority to do a philanthropy with (another editor’s note- mine was second, yessssss). Thank you, Tom Hart!

35:52 - END: Mitch and Bennett have a whole lot of final thoughts... about Odom, digesting some of the ideas Tom Hart brought up, what happened against Kentucky in their eyes, and just some general therapy for anyone that might need it as we head into the bye week.

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