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PODCAST: Before the Box Score previews Mizzou vs Troy

Chatting with Nate Edwards this time is Scott Watkins, Managing Editor at The Trojan Wall.

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South Carolina v Missouri Photo by David Eulitt/Getty Images

Welcome back Tiger Fans to another Episode of Before The Box Score with Nate Edwards! Joining Nate this week is Scott Watkins, the Managing Editor for The Trojan Wall. The two of them preview what you need to you know about Troy before the Tigers take the field on Saturday. Who should you look out for? How does Troy attack a defense? How about their defense? Also, of course, PREDICTIONS. That and much more. Let’s get to it.

Episode Breakdown:

:30 - 3:10: The Bye week is over, thankfully. Scott Watkins is here to help you get ready for Troy... and let us relive that moment against Troy 15 years ago, on Sept. 7, 2004. What was Scott up to then?

3:11 - 5:31: Troy has a brand new coach! How does Troy feel about their new coach? Scott feels much different than the fan-base. Through 4 games, Chip Lindsey is showing he might best playcaller Troy has ever had. However, it seems he has no control of the defense.

5:32 - 10:07: Kaleb Barker has returned from his injury a torn ACL suffered early on last season. How does he look and what does he do well? He shows great ability as a pocket passer and against Southern Miss, he set a school record for being the first QB for throwing over 500 yards. Also, Troy has a very talented WR/TE group.

10:08 - 15:52: Troy has changed their identity a little bit this year. They have no returning CB with any experience, two players are out with academic issues, they have injuries.. it’s not great. Defense was the name of the game last year and now? It’s the offense running the show.

15:53 - 18:00: Who are some under the radar Troy players Mizzou fans should look out for?

17:21 - 21:42: What does a Troy win look like? They expect to beat Power-5 teams. No Scott Frost, beating Nebraska was not Troy’s Superbowl. Troy has beaten better teams than that, but perhaps not this year. They MUST get pressure on the quarterback if they plan to win. What does Mizzou need to do? They need to put pressure on and disrupt Barker. Bring him down!!

21:43 - END: PREDICTION TIME! The spread is 26- Troy has not been that big of an underdog since 2016 at Clemson. You just don’t see Troy being able to keep up. Thank you, Scott for coming on Before The Box Score podcast!

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