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SBNation FanPulse for College Basketball is HERE!

If you’ve enjoyed the CFB FanPulse, get in on this basketball action!

NCAA Basketball: SEC Basketball Tipoff Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

While the Missouri Football season has taken a weird nasty turn for the worse, the fall hasn’t been a total loss because of the fun we’ve all had entering our picks for the top 25 (and answering some other questions along the way). SBNation’s FanPulse has been really interesting to take part in, and has simultaneously made me far more concerned about the results of the top 30 or so teams in the country on a weekly basis.

The obvious good news is that we’re going to carry over the momentum from the College Football FanPulse and roll it RIGHT into basketball coverage (with a few differences)!

Here are the details:

Instead of a Top 25 ballot, FanPulse will focus on confidence questions and national questions. So starting this week, after the Top 25, fans will be asked a confidence question about their football AND basketball team. After the end of the college football regular season, the Top 25 will drop off the ballot, and the questions will just be about basketball. FanPulse voters who are JUST interested in college basketball can just skip the Top 25 question in the meantime.

So if you are signed up for FB FanPulse, you do NOT need to sign up again. Great news right?

The link to sign up is here: SIGN UP FOR SBN COLLEGE BB FANPULSE

Sign up and we’ll just keep this train on moving.