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Hoops chatter: Recruiting, MPJ... and future broadcaster Mitchell Smith?

Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

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Sam & CDot talk some hoops, and it’s highly enjoyable, as always

I don’t know about you all, but I absolutely love it when Friend of the Site (and sometimes contributor) CDot — Carrington Harrison of 610Sports KC, who can be found on the twitterverse at @cdotharrison — and our very own Site Manager/Leader of Men (and me)/basketball guru, Sam Snelling, get together to talk hoops. Sam went on CDot’s podcast late Tuesday night and talked Caleb Love, what it means for Missouri’s roster, recruiting, and a bunch of other stuff.

Sam getting into the types of guys that Cuonzo recruits was my favorite part. Jaylen Brown, for instance, was focused on elite academic institutions, not just basketball schools, which is what likely led him to a school like Cal-Berkeley.

“One of the things about Cuonzo is that he does identify players that he’s going to be able to have an impact on. He’s not really going to spend a lot of time chasing guys who are really kinda big-headed and have stars in their eyes early. He’s always kinda drawn to those players who are, you know, from good families and down to Earth and into working hard... It’s not like the naturally talented guys who have been fawned over for 5-6 years” -Sam Snelling

Always a great listen when the self-proclaimed Rock M homer and Sam get together, and I highly recommend checking out CDot’s YouTube below:

In more basketball news, Mitchell Smith wants to put his “Barry White” voice to good use and possibly work in broadcast.

And finally, in today’s news of, “I can’t wait to watch to watch Mike finally play” and “Damn, why did he have to get hurt two minutes into that ISU game?!?”, here’s a video of Nikola Jokic dishing to Porter Jr during practice. (sigh)

Oh, and you can also read some stuff about MPJ and his enjoyment of training camp thus far in this article by writer, Alex Labidou, and in this post about how he’s adjusting to his role for the Nuggets in The Athletic, written by Nick Kosmider ($$).

On to the links!

Yesterday at Rock M

More Links:

  • The women’s hoops team is motivated. The graphics/digital team continues to be top-notch.