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LOOK: Mizzou Football shows off uniform combination for Troy game

Mizzou safety Ronnell Perkins gets to model this week’s set while getting a clean cut in the South End Zone barber shop.

troy uniform 2019 2

Getting creative is something fairly difficult to do when you’re expected to drop a uniform reveal each Friday before a game. But I have to admit, even this reveal caught me off guard. I was just watching ol’ Ronnell Perkins get a haircut talking about his INT for a touchdown a few weeks ago when... wait, WHAT?

The tease:

Okay, that was pretty good. I’ve gotta admit. So we’re running with sticking with black on black at the top and gold pants. The reveal!

Some very quickly caught on to a little nugget within the video... “Block M’s in November, Gold Pants in October”. Well it’s the first game of October and we’re going with gold pants, so could that be a clue into a future combination?

But I like this combination, the black helmet with simple gold logo looks good. The all gold pants with no stripe is a good clean look also.

A closer look courtesy of @MizzouFootball on twitter:

troy uniform 2019 1
troy uniform 2019 2
troy uniform 2019 3
troy uniform 2019 4

What say you?


Who do you feel about the uniform combination for the Troy game?

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    Wear the same uniforms from 1954 or GTFO
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