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The latest on Kelly Bryant’s knee [UPDATED: it really is going to be fine]

Initial reports are positive, and now Bryant is expected to be a full participant in practice.

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NCAA Football: Troy at Missouri Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Mizzou Football was steamrolling Troy, up 35-7, when Tigers star Quarterback Kelly Bryant dropped back and delivered a pass to Jalen Knox for a 6 yard score which would put the game completely out of reach before the 1st half concluded. Here’s the play as it was broadcast on the SEC Network:

You can see on the back end of the frame, Troy defensive lineman Travis Sailo is beating Mizzou guard Tre’vour Wallace-Simms, but can’t quite get to Bryant before the ball is released. His momentum carries him forward and downward. But we don’t see the conclusion of the hit.

I noticed a player down when Knox hopped up to celebrate his touchdown, and the angle looked like it could be Bryant... unfortunately it was. Here’s the play courtesy of Peter Baugh of

The way he’s hit, the angle, the way he falls: my (non)-medical expertise says it doesn’t look like an ACL injury. But he does immediately grab his knee and go down. The play was flagged for a personal foul penalty, and rightfully so. It was a dirty play. The initial action can be mistaken for a guy trying to make a play, but the way he whips his arm around the lower part of Bryants leg is excessive. I doubt he was trying to hurt Bryant any more or less than any defensive player tries to hurt an offensive player with the ball.

I also this perspective from Troy Head Coach Chip Lindsey:

Jonathan Nance told several reporters he thought his roommate was fine, Yasir Durant said the same thing. Then there’s this:

If it were a serious knee injury, you’d have to think they’d be precautionary at least by having Bryant walking with some crutches or a light cast. No limp is a positive sign.

UPDATE — 9:30pm 2019/10/06:

The news is good for Bryant. Full activity is the absolute best case scenario for him. The other news... well, that’s less good. We’ll have more information on Garrett here shortly.