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FanPulse 7.0: I’m starting to wonder if anyone votes on 10-25

I had a small bit of hope the readers of SBNation would put Missouri in their rightful place, inside the top 25. That was foolish.

fan pulse week 7
where is Missouri?

Voting on polls can be hard

Now that I’ve done this six times, I can attest to the fact that it can be difficult to parse who was better in home wins over lowly teams, or who was less bad in road losses to good ones. But here’s one thing I do know.

Missouri is a top 25 team. If more people would pay attention to Bill C’s SP+ rankings, they’d know that. But here we are. Anyway.

SBNation’s FanPulse was released this morning and the top 10 looks mostly like my own. After that, it goes all over the place.

So who is at the top?

fan pulse week 7

Why, Alabama of course!

Alabama stays at the top spot with Clemson staying locked in at second, followed by Ohio State (up one from last week), Georgia (down one), LSU, Oklahoma, and Wisconsin. I personally voted Alabama, Ohio State, and Georgia as my top three. I opted to punish Dabo and Clemson and dropped them to sixth, because 1) he’s a dope who hates the idea of athletes getting paid while he makes nearly $10 million per year, and 2) because Clemson has just been kinda okay this year.

I fully expect they’ll kick it in again and be awesome here shortly, but until then they’re staying below teams playing much better football.

We have a new question this week, which game next week are you most looking forward to?

  • Oklahoma vs. Texas - 38.5%
  • Florida vs. LSU - 32%
  • Penn State vs. Iowa - 10.1%
  • USC vs. Notre Dame - 8.3%
  • FSU vs. Clemson - 5.1%
  • Alabama vs. Texas A&M - 4.3%
  • Bucknell vs. Colgate - 1.7%

I voted Florida/LSU, but can’t hate on anyone who said OU/Texas. Penn State-Iowa though? C’mon. Iowa, no matter how good they are, is never a team you look forward to watching.

You can STILL vote for Missouri in FanPulse. I personally voted them 12th (ahead of Texas, lol) If you want to vote for the Tigers, you can still sign up for FanPulse: Click HERE to sign up!

So while the Tigers missed the top 25 again, Mizzou fans did the right thing and had them at 20th.

Here is how the votes went:

FanPulse Week 6, v 7.0

SBNation Missouri Fans Diff
SBNation Missouri Fans Diff
Alabama Alabama -
Clemson Clemson -
Ohio State Georgia ↑ 1
Georgia Ohio State ↓ 1
Oklahoma Oklahoma -
Wisconsin Wisconsin -
Florida Florida -
Notre Dame Notre Dame -
Penn State Penn State -
Texas Auburn ↑ 1
Auburn Texas ↓ 1
Oregon Oregon -
Boise State Boise State -
Utah Utah -
Michigan Michigan -
Iowa Washington ↑ 1
Washington Iowa ↓ 1
Arizona State Arizona State -
Wake Forest Missouri ↑ 5+
Virginia Wake Forest ↓ 1
SMU Virginia ↓ 1
Oklahoma State UCF ↓ 1
Texas A&M Texas A&M -

Also receiving votes: Baylor, Memphis, Minnesota, Michigan State, Cincinnati

Yeah, I got nothing. I think we as Missouri fans have a duty to vote up the Tigers. Put them way up in the polls. I mean they’re not even in ARV right now. With that said though, I think I like our rankings better than the National rankings. So good job everyone.

Fan Confidence time... we took a little bit of a dip from last week’s 100%, which I’m guessing had to do with the Kelly Bryant uncertainty. I get it. Still, 97.3% though.

missouri fan confidence fanpulse week 6

What say you, everyone? How are you feeling about the Tigers right now, even with last nights news?