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Cale Garrett named SEC Co-Defensive Player of the Week

The senior linebacker had possibly his best game in a Missouri uniform. Unfortunately, it might have also been his last.

SEMO v Missouri Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

When I — Deputy Manager Josh Matejka, for those looking to assign cosmic blame — tweeted the following poll during Missouri’s 42-10 rout of Troy, I promise I wasn’t trying to invoke some unspoken (and nonexistent) curse that lies upon the whole of Missouri sports. I did not make some Faustian deal with some Jawhawk-loving devil.

That being said, it sort of feels like I was gripping a monkey’s paw, doesn’t it?

On Monday afternoon, the SEC announced Garrett as the conference’s Co-Defensive Player of the Week. It’s the second time this year Garrett has earned the honor.

Garrett was more than deserving of the award, leading Missouri in tackles while notching two more interceptions and his third defensive touchdown in the last three games.

Unfortunately, this may be the last time Garrett wins any such honors. Here’s to hoping the Southeastern Conference recognizes his efforts enough to put him on an end of the year All-SEC team.