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Mizzou’s pass defense is as good as it’s been in a long time, but “we’re 3.5 hours away from being fools”

Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

“We’re 3.5 hours away from being fools”

This statement was part of head coach Barry Odom’s press conference on Tuesday.

It might sound a bit harsh, but really, you can apply this theorem in a variety of situations all through life. I mean, does anyone REALLY know what they’re doing all of the time? You try to minimize the risk, but some of it really is just luck.

Barry Odom made this statement when talking about the defense’s newfound ability in causing turnovers. Namely, the Tigers being able to disguise their coverage due to more experience and comfort from the players, and (of course) through coaching.

Regarding the coaching part, this comes from Gabe DeArmond’s press conference post at PowerMizzou (free):

I think it’s also with the teaching that Ryan and David have done on the back end on being able to speak the same language, along with Vernon on what it needs to look like. And then they want to teach that and apply it, but also our kids have been able to go and execute it.

So basically, I take this as, the coaches — Walters, Gibbs & Hargreaves — can try to teach and encourage the guys to self-monitor each situation and identify how they can contribute to the pass defense, but really... each game is different, and you’re just starting over every time, hoping that luck strikes at the right time. So far this season, MU has been lucky in the turnover department (completely ignoring the Wyoming game, of course— ew). Is it luck or is it a learned skill? A little of both? One of the mastheads here (I believe his name is Nate?) has openly opined about whether or not you can teach turnovers.

Anyway, enough thinking... on to the links, and there are A LOT (you’re welcome, friends).

Yesterday at Rock M

  • Nate is back with a new Beyond the Box Score, the “RIP Cale Garrett” Edition.
  • Nate, who is on vacation and still working so hard (we raise a glass to you, sir), also provided us with brand-new SEC Power Rankings!
  • Josh wrote about Nick Bolton’s chance to be a young breakout star. Bolton’s always been talked about in hushed tones as one of “those guys” around the program, and the time is here for him to show out.
  • Sam, Matt & Josh, who will now be exclusively (in my posts, anyway) referred to as The Rock M Hoops Triplets, got together to preview the point guards, Dru & X-Man (my dad insists upon calling him this and I like it).
  • Ryan’s got a new depth chart for us, and Cameron Wilkins is the “new” Cale Garrett, along with some other changes.
  • Sammy did a Q&A with One Man to Beat from the SB Nation site, Red Cup Rebellion, about Saturday’s game and what fans can expect from the Rebels.

More Links:

  • St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Matter’s got the latest update on KB. According to Derek Dooley, “Kelly looks like Kelly.” Like the sound of that!
  • KC Star: Adam Cole wrote a piece about Cameron Wilkins, the replacement for injured middle linebacker, Cale Garrett. I must say, it seems weird to not write Schiff’s name here anymore...
  • PowerMizzou (free): Lots of info on Barry Odom’s media day press conference on their site— audio & transcript from Gabe, Notebook from Mitchell Forde, and interviews with Kelly Bryant & Derek Dooley
  • Columbia Missourian: Bennett Durando also wrote an update about Kelly Bryant and the new piece of hardware he’ll be sporting against Ole Miss.
  • Some links from the great state of Mississippi going into this weekend’s game: The Mississippi Clarion-Ledger explained why KB is hard to defend, and here’s one more about Mizzou being primed to stop Ole Miss’ love of running.
  • Some Michael Porter Jr actually playing basketball news for you all: Ahead of Tuesday night’s preseason game, The Denver Post had this story— it’s the best of the ones I’m mentioning, in my opinion. The Nuggets’ SB Nation site, The Denver Stiffs, had this post. Mile High Sports also had this story, about how Mike turned adversity into a blessing.
  • XFL news: The KC Star reports that some former MIZZOU (as well as KSU, kU & Chiefs) players have been included in the XFL’s draft pool.
  • No. 22 Mizzou Volleyball welcomes Ole Miss to the Hearnes Center on Wednesday night. Read the preview here.
  • Chancellor Cartwright talked to Nick Britton, director of facility operations for Mizzou Athletics, and Ben Goodman, event operation director, for Episode 5 of the Inside Mizzou Podcast. You can listen (or read the transcript) here.
  • Add another Homecoming item to your agenda this weekend, Tiger fans! The men’s hoops team will open their practice to the public on Saturday. Be advised- there will be no additional parking for the event, and visitors without parking passes must park in assigned public parking areas.

It does not appear that we will be treated to a Snoop Dogg-esque spectacle on Saturday, much to everyone’s disappointment...