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PODCAST: How the defense can move on without Cale Garrett, plus some Hoops recruiting notes

Brandon Kiley and Sam Snelling talk about the impact of the Cale Garrett injury, the value of Kelly Bryant, and more.

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Troy v Missouri Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

With the news of Missouri losing Cale Garrett, likely for the year, to a torn pectoral tendon, it’s as good of a time as any to look at what’s behind him. Nick Bolton has had a breakout year, but how are the Tigers going to replace the production of Garrett? We also assess the value of Kelly Bryant and what the injury can do to his mobility, and project where the Tigers could end up after the next few weeks.

Also, because it’s a Sam Snelling podcast, you know there’s some basketball talk. Sam and BK go in on Mizzou recruiting and the latest info on the forthcoming commitment from Davion Bradford.

Let’s get to it!

Episode Breakdown:

:15 – 2:30: Welcome to a special edition of Rock M Nation Podcasts! According to Sam, he and BK are “longtime friends,” which BK takes an uncomfortably long time to agree to. How nice. Sam is normally a basketball guy, and BK is normally a football guy, but here they are— joining forces for Rock M Podcast DOMINATION.

2:31 – 9:35: Shout out to those silly Fifth Down podcasters recording too early and missing breaking news... (shakes head disapprovingly). Losing Cale Garrett sucks! What kind of impact is this going to have? What will the drop off be without Cale in the middle of this defense? They’re not losing the “7th best” guy on defense... They are losing the best guy. Let’s not sugarcoat things.

9:39 – 12:35: The defense is more about the sum of its parts than individual players for the most part. Can someone in the secondary step up and kind of make those plays Garrett was making? They’ve merrily been... good. Not a part of the secondary, but Nick Bolton needs to take his game to another level.

12:36 – 13:12: INTERRUPTION IN COVERAGE— Breaking hoops news! And it’s a doozy.

13:13 – 19:39: Kelly Bryant and his impact on this team and the game as a whole. Will the offense be that much worse off if KB isn’t as mobile? Ole Miss isn’t very good defensively, so this game comes at a good time. What is Mizzou trying to accomplish here? If Kelly is good to go, go full on-get ‘em mode.

19:40 – 21:38: Some HOT TAKES about Ole Miss from BK! Moving on... there is a section of the fan base and media who isn’t bought into Mizzou yet. WHY?!? Check out BK’s piece on this, aptly titled Mizzou is good, guys!

21:39 – 36:23: Some final Football thoughts. Maybe the offense isn’t quite as explosive as it was under Drew Lock. The defense has made this leap, and can stay up there even with Cale’s absence. The schedule ahead looks good. People seem to have come a long way in how they feel about the Barry Odom experience.

36:24 – 48:27: You knew you could not go without some basketball talk! Davion Bradford’s commitment is coming… here’s what you need to know. Why and HOW could other teams ever steer potential Mizzou recruits away from MU?!? Discussing Cuonzo’s ideal situation going into next season. It’s time to get up to speed on all things Mizzou Basketball and recruiting. Sam’s even getting BK excited for the season!!

48:28 – END: Let’s hope for both coaches have turned the corner and can separate themselves from the middle of the pack of the league. There can be no more “one year” spikes. The key is sustaining success. Thank you for tuning in for this special episode of Rock M Nation Podcasts!

(Personal Producer Note: that was an unnecessary shot at The Fifth Down. Ouch)

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