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PODCAST: Mizzou Football Enters its Bye Week with Some Questions

Nate Edwards is back for another episode of Before The Box Score with Josh Matejka

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NCAA Football: Missouri at Kentucky Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back, Tiger Fans to another Episode of Before The Box Score with Nate Edwards. Joining Nate this week, is Josh Matejka, so consider this the return of... The Dad Pod!

It’s a bye week edition of the podcast! So... Plenty to get into. Our dad duo talks about Derek Dooley, Barry Odom, his staff, some of the play on the field, and something that some fans might find a little troubling. What is happening after talent gets to Mizzou? Mizzou has developed talent well in the past, but it’s been a little bit of a different story this year. Nate and Josh help you through that and what it can all mean.

Let’s get to it!

Episode Breakdown:

:30 – 15:40: Welcome to Before The Box Score! Nate has already written a lot about the issues facing Mizzou... It’s time to talk about some warts with this Football team. What’s the major difference with the offense?

15:41 – 22:03: When you are a head coach you need to acquire talent and then develop that talent. Odom has been better at acquiring talent, but developing that talent is a question that needs to be asked of Odom and his staff.

22:04 – 30:15: Enough about the offense. Let’s talk about the defense. The development of the Defense has been somewhat of a positive, but..... name your favorite DE recruited by Barry Odom? The defense is still excellent, but there are some issues there. Also, what about some of the coordinator hires as well?

30:16 – 36:30: Why are two of the weakest teams in the SEC able to take advantage of Mizzou this season? In the wins by Mizzou, the offense played well, the defense was great, and then Vandy shuts it all down. What?

36:31 – 45:47: Alright, so we are at the bye week. Let’s peek ahead at the 4 games left for Mizzou as they sit at 5-3. How will Mizzou finish this season?

45:48 – 47:30: Just have to touch on the kicking game because you cannot podcast about Mizzou Football without talking about kicking.

47:31 – END: Some longing for Cale Garrett, as Mizzou fans do. And then some Final Thoughts and let’s try to end this podcast on a positive note! See you next week to preview the Georgia Bulldogs.

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