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PODCAST: Mizzou Football Continues its Offensive Woes in Athens

The Fifth Down Returns recapping Mizzou down in Athens and what’s happened this season

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NCAA Football: Missouri at Georgia Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back to another Round of The Fifth Down with Mitch Hill and Bennett Hughes! Another week, and another not great showing from Mizzou. Mitch and Bennett dive into some of the play that took place on Saturday night as well as some general thoughts as to where Mizzou is right now. Mizzou was 5-1 and ranked after the Ole Miss game. Since then? 0-3 and the offense is not moving the ball and the team just looks different? Why? As they say... it’s always darkest just before the dawn. Is the dawn coming?

Episode Breakdown:

:30 - 6:45: Welcome back to a melancholy edition of The Fifth Down. Morale is a little low after another not stellar showing from Mizzou. Plenty of people knew Mizzou was going to lose, but it’s the way it happened that is... not fun.

6:46 - 11:00: The sequence of events for Kam Scott against Georgia is kind of a microcosm for what has been a larger issue with this Mizzou Football team in this losing streak. Side note: it’s kind of weird that the announcers seemed more heated about this than Coach Odom, right?

11:01 - 21:32: There was a whole lot of promise leading into this season, but the change from the Ole Miss to now is pretty jarring. In the last 4 years, it’s almost as if Mizzou Football has had 2 seasons within each season.

21:33 - 29:10: Just a quick trip around college football since the weekend was a fun one in terms of the slate and what other teams did! Joe Burrow has one hand on the Heisman and it looks like Coach O was a home run hire for LSU.

29:11 - END: Final thoughts on Mizzou before the pod is wrapped up and we’ll see you next week (hopefully in a happier mood)!

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