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FanPulse 12.0: I, for one, welcome our new CFB overlords from Baton Rouge

At least the food will be good.

sbnation fanpulse top 25 week 12

It’s always a little bit wild on College Football Saturdays, and this past weekend wasn’t any different.

While Missouri Football continued its descent towards obscurity, a few others asserted their superiority over all of college football. LSU has been the top team overall for several weeks now, but a road win in Tuscaloosa will be a major boost to anyone’s resume.

Here’s what we learned:


sbnation fanpulse top 25 week 12

At this point, I think the race down the stretch for the top overall spot will be between LSU and Ohio State. Both are playing at another level right now. You also expect Trevor Lawrence and Clemson to kick things into gear down the stretch. Also kudos to Minnesota for vaulting into the top 10 at the seven spot after beating Penn State in a very exciting un-B1G-like game.

Joe Burrow was awesome against Alabama, and because of his performance, he has taken over in the race for the Heisman trophy. I reject these voting options because Chase Young should be an option (also the stupidity of the NCAA suspending him for a couple games because he took a loan from a friend so he could fly his girlfriend to his Bowl game last year, I mean... come on). I also think Justin Fields is not getting enough love. I voted for him because I’m a contrarian.

Here are your Heisman votes.

fanpulse heisman 2019

I think 82% of the vote is a commanding lead.

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Here is how the votes went:

Week 11 Fan Pulse Voting

SBNation Missouri Fans Diff
SBNation Missouri Fans Diff
LSU (9-0) LSU (9-0) -
Ohio State (9-0) Ohio State (9-0) -
Clemson (10-0) Clemson (10-0) -
Alabama (8-1) Alabama (8-1) -
Georgia (8-1) Georgia (8-1) -
Baylor (9-0 Baylor (9-0) -
Minnesota (9-0) Minnesota (9-0) -
Oklahoma (8-1) Oklahoma (8-1) -
Penn State (8-1) Florida (8-2) ↑ 1
Florida (8-2) Penn State (8-1) ↓ 1
Oregon (8-1) Utah (8-1) ↑ 1
Utah (8-1) Oregon (8-1) ↓ 1
Auburn (7-2) Auburn (7-2) -
Memphis (8-1) Memphis (8-1) -
Notre Dame (7-2) Cincinnati (8-1) ↑ 1
Cincinnati (8-1) Notre Dame (7-2) ↓ 1
Wisconsin (7-2) Wisconsin (7-2) -
SMU (9-1) SMU (9-1) -
Michigan (7-2) App State (8-1) ↑ 1
App State (8-1) Michigan (7-2) ↓ 1
Boise State (8-1) Boise State (8-1) -
Virginia Tech (6-3) Virginia Tech (6-3) -
Wake Forest (7-2) Wake Forest (7-2) ↑ 1
Indiana (7-2) Indiana (7-2) -
Louisiana Tech (8-1) Louisiana Tech (8-1) -

Also receiving votes: Texas, Navy, Iowa, K-State, Oklahoma State

TEXAS FOOTBALL IS BACK to also receiving votes.

Fan Confidence time... we are... NOT confident in the direction of the football program. Scoring three touchdowns in three games will do that to a group of Missouri fans.

fan pulse confidence

Here are the weekly numbers: 27.3%, 95%, 91.2%, 97.3%, 100% (!!!), 97.7%, 100%, 53.1%, 20.6%, 33.3%, 21.1%

After a slight rebound during the bye week, the realities of playing against top 10 defenses with an anemic offense sank in. What can I say, it’s been a weird season. We should have graphics and numbers for the Fan Confidence in Hoops tomorrow.