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Some sunshine pumping on a wicked cold day

Because who would Karen be without injecting some happiness in here? Here are today’s Mizzou Links.

Oh, the weather outside is frightful, and I hope Mizzou could one day be... delightful?

I know, I know. Sam or Josh, if you’re reading this... sorry. I know some of the commentariat — JST, I’m looking at you — are gunning for my job, so I only hope I don’t end up... out in the cold (sorry).

Ya know, I realize that Florida is having a good year and all, and they will not be an “easy” win for the Tigers by any stretch (I mean, come on... there are no easy wins recently, just gut-wrenching losses), but I can’t help but think about how Mizzou was not supposed to beat them any year, and somehow... some way... they managed to eke out a win. I remember last year when they played in Gainesville, my parents were there (hi mom & dad), and I was at work, and my phone kept going off in my pocket. And I kept thinking, “Why is my mom bothering me with bad news?” Turns out- it wasn’t bad news. We were kicking some Gator tail! Wouldn’t that be nice? To have that feeling again? So I can’t help but be hopeful that Mizzou will get it together this weekend (for the love of god, please), because they just seem to have Florida’s number.

DeMarkus Acy remembers last year’s Florida game well. Love to see it. Ahhh... memories.

Y’all... Some people in the twitterverse are already out there calling for Cuonzo Martin’s head and talking so negatively about the hoops team after a loss to a RANKED OPPONENT in a packed Cintas Center (Matt & Sam told everyone on their pod it would be a raucous environment), and it is wild. Were there some things that weren’t great? Yes. We know what they were. I don’t need to address them— for that, check out Sam’s Study Hall, which will post at the 9 o’clock hour! Is it a huge deal to lose to a (again for the people in the back) ranked team on the road the third game of the season? No. Could we have won that game had a few situations panned out? Absolutely. Moving on!

Here’s some good things to remember.

Look what our guy Dru did. According to RJ Layton (@RJLayton_), Dru was the first Tiger to post a stat line like this since LBo vs Illinois in 2012(!)

Just look at the Bench Mob. That’s a team that is excited and is here for each other. Love to see it. Might have to make this my new background...(checks on how it looks)...yep.

Do you feel better? You should. I, for one, cannot wait to see how this season goes and how this team progresses. It’s going to be a good one. I know it.

On to the links!

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  • Check out the volleyball team, who’s movin’ on up in the NCAA RPI after some great road wins!
  • Former Mizzou pitcher Tanner Houck is a member of Team USA!
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