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PODCAST: Reaction to the Xavier loss

Sam & Matt, your Dive Cuts hosts, recap the 2-1 start for Mizzou Hoops and talk the upcoming schedule!

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NCAA Basketball: Missouri at Xavier Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back to another episode of Dive Cuts with Sam Snelling and Matt Harris, who are here to talk about the outcome of the Xavier game, discuss the first three games, see what’s upcoming on the schedule, and examine why “Zo needs to ‘cruit better.” (side note- that’s snark— calm down)

Let’s get started!

Episode Breakdown:

:15 – 5:17: The results of the Xavier game were not exactly what everyone expected/hoped for, but they weren’t altogether horrible. What are some general takeaways? Read Sam’s Study Hall for more some insight!

5:18 — 13:20: The guys then dive into key possessions in the game that stood out for both good and bad reasons, and discuss the difference between “good” vs “bad” turnovers. KenPom has added a new statistic... and Missouri is 282 in unforced turnovers!

13:21 – 25:40: The team struggled after Jeremiah Tilmon was yanked early due to foul trouble, but rebounded nicely in the second half when he was taken out again. How ‘bout DRU SMITH, y’all? What’s up with Javon? What’s up with Torrence’s shooting? Should we start to question this team’s ability to knock down the outside shot? It’s important to remember: we shouldn’t draw broad conclusions based on 3 games when players don’t even have 20 possessions yet. How is Mizzou’s shooting compared to that across the country?

25:41 – 32:50: Mizzou is off until Monday when they play Wofford. What does that game look like? Essentially, the team played 3 games in the span of 6 days, and 2 within 36 hours. Around the SEC, schools are struggling against mid-majors. Starting next weekend, Mizzou hopes be 5-1 heading into the Hall of Fame Classic, which Matt will be covering in person! (We hope!)

32:51 – 44:25: It was signing day! Mizzou officially inked Jordan Wilmore— he’s 7’3”! Signing day was not an abject failure.

44:26 – END: That pretty much wraps up this episode of Dive Cuts! This team looks really good right now and realistically, everyone could be back (except Reed). That’s consistency!

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