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Pregamin’ Florida


What could be better than an 11 a.m. match up of one very good football team and another not-so-good football team in 40-degree temperatures all wrapped in thick layer of fan apathy?

Seriously, what could be better? I’m taking suggestions in the comments below.

Pregamin’ Scoresheet

Writer Wins
Writer Wins
Ryan Herrera 4
Mitch Hill 3
Nate Edwards 1
Ryan Faller 1
Sean MacKinnon 1
Tim Bussen 0
Brandon Kiley (eliminated) 0
Josh Matejka (eliminated) 0

Cheers to Nate Edwards for getting on the board against Georgia. We’re officially at the point of the season where, with only three games left, Brandon and I can officially be eliminated. Tim still has a shot, but only if Missouri makes a bowl game. If Nate or Sean loses this week, they’ll be out too. I’m sure everyone is waiting with baited breath to see how it’ll all turn out! (editor’s note: I just want someone to beat that no-good Ryan fella)


There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home

So Fresh and So Clean, Clean

I... uh... well...


It’s not a bad color scheme. I get the “honor veterans” thing. But...

What’s going on here again?

Pleasepleaseplease tell us Missouri is going to win!

What to say about this Missouri team... seriously, what to say? You get a paragraph to say literally anything you want about this Missouri team. Go.

Nate Edwards, Football Editor: I have looked at this question and drawn a blank for the past eight minutes. I can tell you from advanced stats standpoint what they are — I can tell you from a “watching the game” standpoint what they are — I can tell you from a hot-take-standpoint what they are. [editor’s note: I gave each writer four sentences, and Nate is clearly cheating here.] I will say this: I was born into rooting for this team, I will die rooting for this team, and I don’t care too much about individual wins or seasons as long as that fandom is rewarded every once in a while. Looks like that reward won’t be this year, but maybe it’ll be next year! Or the year after that!

Tim Bussen, Staff Football Analyst: What to say, indeed. The Jekyll/Hyde character of this team defies understanding. I wish I could offer some insight. Here is a fourth sentence.

Sean MacKinnon, Football Beat Writer: A season that was supposed to be special has turned into a desperate effort to reach bowl eligibility. Even though the defense has held on for the past three match ups, the offense has looked increasingly incompetent. My only source of hope — and maybe it’s superstition — is that this squad is still undefeated at home. Beating ranked Florida would be quite the turnaround from putting up a goose egg last week, but crazier things have happened.

At this point, we’ve known what Missouri is for a while: a good defense saddled with a much worse offense. Is there any hope for the offense to come around in the final three games, or is the defense taking this one to the finish line?

Nate Edwards: If Kelly Bryant is healthy and the receivers can hold on to the ball? Sure, it’s possible. I like the explosion of passing targets for Albert O last game. If Johnson is back, I’m a big proponent of using those two for 40 percent of targets to matriculate down the field. But there certainly hasn’t been anything in the past three weeks to make me believe that the offense can improve. (editor’s note: and they have hot dog fingers, so catching would be hard... right, Nate?)

Tim Bussen: I believed that the offensive power outage against Vanderbilt would be addressed in time for the Kentucky game. I was wrong. At this point, I don’t see the offense returning. Too many areas to address: passive play on the line, no explosiveness or even consistency in the receiving corps, spotty play at quarterback. I just don’t see how it all can be fixed. The defense has to carry the team, but is already showing signs of being ground down. Situations like this call for a great leader, and I fear the defense lost that when Garrett’s pec popped.

Sean MacKinnon: From what we’ve seen over the last few outings, the offense has shown no reason to instill confidence. It feels like for this team to put together more than two touchdowns, the defense is going to need to win the turnover margin in a big way. May Missouri’s November defense enter the season of strip-sacks, for it may be the Tigers’ saving grace.

Before the season, we all circled Florida as the most likely “big” win Missouri would get. That feels not as likely now. Rate your confidence that Missouri can beat Florida on a scale of 1 (least) to 10 (most), and explain why.

Nate Edwards: You’re really baiting me into tempting fate with this question. The Florida offense is incredibly one-dimensional since they can’t run at all, and the defense can be beat on standard downs and with explosive plays. AND Missouri has seemingly had Florida’s number for several years now. I’m not going to slap a number on it, but I will say I’m surprisingly optimistic.

Tim Bussen: Two. I have harbored the idea that this team can return to the form it showed against Ole Miss for a few weeks now. No more. The Gator defensive front will overwhelm the Tiger offense, and the floodgates will open on an exhausted Mizzou defense in the second half.

Sean MacKinnon: 5/10- Even though almost all the signs are pointing in the Gators’ favor, I’ll give the Tigers a shot here. After rolling through Vanderbilt and seeing Missouri’s recent performance, Florida might come into town overly-confident. If Odom can settle his men and get them locked in, we might see a refocused, driven Missouri team this Saturday.

PICK ‘EM. Score and over/under (50.5) and MVP pick.

Nate Edwards: UNDER UNDER UNDER, GOOD LORD, UNDER. MVP will be Nick Bolton.

Tim Bussen: Florida 31, Missouri 7. Under. MVP: Nick Bolton

Sean MacKinnon: Florida-24 Missouri-21 OT. I’m taking the under. MVP: Nick Bolton