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PODCAST: Previewing the Mizzou-Florida match up with Gator Country’s Andrew Spivey

Before the Box Score returns with Nate Edwards previewing the Florida Gators!

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Missouri v Florida Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

Welcome Back Tiger Fans to another episode of Before The Box Score with Nate Edwards. Joining Nate this week is Andrew Spivey from Gator Country. As always, Nate is here to help you get prepared for the game on Saturday. Mizzou is in the middle of a rough patch and with Florida heading into CoMo, it doesn’t get much easier. Nate and Andrew dive in to the ins and outs of what you should be looking for on Saturday, they give some predictions, and some other stuff. Let’s get to it.

Episode Breakdown:

:15 – 5:20: For better or worse, it is Florida week! Welcome Andrew Spivey to Before The Box Score! As always, Nate starts out with some hard-hitting journalism. How do Florida fans feel about Mizzou’s existence in the SEC? How does Andrew himself feel? It seems like most teams always have that one team that is a thorn in their side. We know Missouri’s thorn, but what is Florida’s? Why do Florida fans hate Missouri? What are some of the memorable/strange games between Mizzou and Florida that stick out?

5:21 – 7:59: Florida has had its fair share of coaches and have been on quite the “Coach Adventure” some would say (side note- do they say that?). Dan Mullen is now in charge of Florida. What are the expectations for Dan Mullen? Did you expect their sudden turnaround? What’s the biggest thing Dan Mullen has brought to the Gators?

8:00 – 11:32: Kyle Trask has given Florida a positive trajectory this season. Is he really that good? He’s a game manager above else. What are the stats telling us about his performance?

11:33 – 16:05: Some brief thoughts on the Florida O-Line and the running game? Nate is befuddled. After all this offensive talk, they transition to the defense. What are the thoughts of the DC hire at Florida? Todd Grantham is known as an “emotional blitzer.” On the flip side, let’s say Mizzou goes on their weird winning streak, and beats Florida... How does that happen?

16:06 – 18:30: In the SEC, everyone recruits well for the most part. So, many of the Florida players are guys that everyone knows, but every once in a while, there are some under the radar players who shouldn’t be ignored, so who are they? Who should Mizzou keep an eye out for?

18:31 – 21:45: Time to get into it... What does Missouri need to do in order to beat Florida? How can Florida beat Mizzou?

21:46 – END: Wrapping up, Andrew gives us one prediction for the game after noting a few different things that Florida does. Where will he be watching the game? Has he ever been to CoMo?

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