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BOTTOMS UP: What are you drinking for Florida vs. Missouri?

We know y’all need some drinks to get through the rest of this year. So what are you cracking open for Week 12?


Karen Steger, Madam Editor

Y’all, I have not been doing a very good job keeping up with this — haven’t seen the last three games due to work— but I’M BACK! Since the fam lives in Florida, it shouldn’t be too hard to pick something suitable to pair with an 11am kickoff. I’ll actually be at the game and hitting up a swanky corporate tailgate ahead of time, so it’ll most likely be mimosas or bloody marys for me, but if I was watching the game in south Florida or at home, I’ve got two brews to crack open. First up is Jai Alai, a 7.5% ABV IPA from Cigar City Brewing in Tampa. I don’t drink a ton of IPAs, but I really like this one because it’s got a bit of tartness to it, and smells like a tropical fruit basket. And finally, I’m picking Black Currant Meteor Sour, a 3.5% ABV Berliner Weisse-style beer from Big Storm Brewing in Clearwater. Give me all the sours, and mix some fruity goodness in there, and I’m sold. It also looks like grape juice, which is a morning drink, so I find it suitable for this occasion.

ZWal93, Autumn’s Boy

Yep, Missouri is sure going to play a game of football today; definitely gonna sling the ol’ pigskin around the gridiron, yessir. Things have gone considerably downhill since the last time I appeared in this space when visions of College GameDay making the trip to Columbia for this game danced in my head. On the bright side, the weather is getting cooler, the leaves have changed colors, and it is finally time for dark beers to emerge from their summer hibernation. A good hearty stout or malty ale will pair well with football weather and that’s before the added benefit of the traditionally higher ABV in such libations to get you through the final three games of what has quickly become a nightmare season. Specifically, I’ll recommend two of Boulevard’s offerings, Nutcracker Ale and Steep Drop Nitro Cold Brew Milk Stout.

RunMizzou11, The Hopeful Fatalist

Bleach, I guess. I just want it to be over. (Editor’s note: wowwww)

OK maybe that’s a bit dramatic, but these last three weeks have felt like three months. The Tigers aren’t in a good place right now, and there isn’t much evidence that things will get much better, especially with the highly-ranked Gators coming to town. Hopefully, the familiarity of Faurot Field will spark something of a turnaround and Mizzou can finish the season 3-0. So with that, I will be drinking something familiar and safe, but good enough to get the job done. Join me in cracking open a Tank 7.

AlaTiger, The Traveler

As I am on the west coast this weekend, kickoff is at 9:00 am, so my likely drink will be a Bloody Mary. By the time the game ends, I will probably be in a tasting room in the Carmel Valley. Almost certainly I will miss the game except for brief snippets. Since I am on the central coast, I plan to make the most of it. Note the sunrise I enjoyed Friday morning:

If good Mizzou shows up after a multi-week hiatus, I will gladly watch a replay when I return home.

kristina, The Hunter

So I will most likely be watching this one as it’s in between hunting sessions and what else do I have to do? That being said, we’re going with our go-to staple wine — dry California based Chardonnay for those who never read the comment section. Well, there may be bourbon if my in-laws didn’t finish it all last night. If we win, awesome, if not, I take it out on Bambi. And there’s always hockey later on.