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PODCAST: Looking back at a 4 Game Slide with the Fifth Down folks

The Fifth Down returns trying to make sense of this four game slide

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COLLEGE FOOTBALL: NOV 16 Florida at Missouri

Welcome back to another round of The Fifth Down with Mitch Hill and Bennett Hughes. Another week, and that losing skid for Mizzou Football continues. The offense is still MIA while the defense continues to keep Mizzou in every game they have played during this 4 game skid.

Mitch and Bennett break down what happened against Florida and some of the troubling stats that surround this football team. There are two games left to get this season back to trending up in a way, but how does it happen? What is the temperature around the team looking like? That and much more on the latest episode of The Fifth Down.

Episode Breakdown:

:15 - 8:10: Another week, and the same start to the podcast. Mizzou Football dropped another game. Sure, before the season Georgia and Florida seemed like they could be losses, but the way they’ve happened is troubling. This whole “no offense” thing is really getting to be a problem.

8:11 - 13:34: This has been mentioned before, but this is looking a lot like the on-field product of 2015 as far as the offense goes. Yikes. Not a great look, guys.

13:35 - 20:00: One bright side of this team is the Defense. Mizzou has been playing some really good defense and there are some very good players on that side of the ball. Another thing, and this is just looking at the attendance from the Florida game... fan support is still there at the games, surprisingly enough. There were 57k + at the game Saturday.

20:01 - 21:15: The next two games will be pretty telling for how Mizzou is going to finish this season, especially the Tennessee game because they have been playing pretty well as of late. If Mizzou loses to Tennessee in the manner in which they just lost the last 4 games, it could end up being bad news for a lot of the staff.

21:16 - 30:58: Let’s check out some story-lines around College Football... starting with the Tua injury— we don’t quite understand the uproar about him being left in the game. Moving on to LSU and Ohio State. Guess what, guys? Texas & Nebraska lost, so that’s kind of a moral victory, yes? As mentioned in Ryan’s CFB recap, not many of us are fans of the ‘Horns around here.

30:59 - END: Final thoughts and here’s to hoping next week’s episode will be a more positive one. Note to the football gods— can we please recap a win and not a loss?!? Please?

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