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FanPulse 13.0: The two days late edition

Running a little behind this week, but here’s your FanPulse voting!

sbnation fanpulse week 13

FanPulse is normally a Monday post, you say! Well, normally our friends at SBNation corporate send us the emails with the information on Monday, allowing us to post! But I got this email this morning, so here we are.

The weekend seems so long ago, so you’ll forgive me if my memory isn’t clear. But LSU is still our #1 overall, so let’s start there.

The LSU Tigers still have a tough road before them

sbnation fanpulse week 13

After beating Alabama, and dispatching of an upstart Ole Miss team, LSU faces off against an overmatched Arkansas team, then hosts Texas A&M. At this point the Tigers should finish undefeated, but the SEC Championship game will be a test against Georgia, who nearly coughed up a game against Auburn.

And Alabama might be on the outside looking in as their star QB is out for the season after a late first half injury against Mississippi State.

All the while Ohio State continues to romp over some decent teams (Rutgers excluded). The last few weeks are shaping up to be pretty interesting.

This weeks question revolved around who we thought was most likely to make the playoff.

  • Georgia - 30.4%
  • Oregon - 29.7%
  • Oklahoma - 17.5%
  • Alabama - 15.5%
  • Utah - 6.9%

I’ll be honest, I don’t quite remember who I voted for. But if I had to re-vote I’d guess either Oklahoma or Alabama, because I don’t think Georgia gets in if they lose to LSU in the SEC Championship game. And I’ll continue to be skeptical of a Pac-12 getting in when you have Ohio State, Clemson, and the SEC Championship winner sitting there, and a one loss SEC team or a one loss Big 12 team.

REMEMBER: FanPulse submission applications are always open. If you want to vote in the poll you can still sign up: Click HERE to sign up! We’ve also started the College Basketball FanPulse, so get in on that action.

Here is how the votes went:

SBNation FanPulse Week 13

SBNation Missouri Fans Diff
SBNation Missouri Fans Diff
LSU (10-0) LSU (10-0) -
Ohio State (10-0) Ohio State (10-0) -
Clemson (11-0) Clemson (11-0) -
Georgia (9-1) Georgia (9-1) -
Alabama (9-1) Alabama (9-1) -
Oklahoma (9-1) Oklahoma (9-1) -
Utah (9-1) Florida (9-2) ↑ 3
Oregon (9-1) Penn State (9-1) ↑ 1
Penn State (9-1) Oregon (9-1) ↓ 1
Florida (9-2) Utah (9-1) ↓ 3
Baylor (9-1) Baylor (9-1) -
Memphis (9-1) Minnesota (9-1) ↑ 1
Minnesota (9-1) Memphis (9-1) ↓ 1
Auburn (7-3) Auburn (7-3) -
Notre Dame (8-2) Notre Dame (8-2) -
Cincinnati (9-1) Cincinnati (9-1) -
Wisconsin (8-2) Wisconsin (8-2) -
SMU (9-1) SMU (9-1) -
Michigan (8-2) Michigan (8-2) -
App State (9-1) App State (9-1) -
Boise State (9-1) Boise State (9-1) -
Iowa (7-3) Iowa (7-3) -
Air Force (8-2) Air Force (8-2) -
Virginia Tech (7-3) Virginia Tech (7-3) -
Oklahoma State (7-3) Oklahoma State (7-3) -

Also receiving votes: Texas A&M, Indiana, UCF, SDSU, Navy, Virginia

I feel like we bumped Florida because they just whipped Missouri and maybe that reflects better on our struggling Tigers team. But really, guys, did we mail in the second half of the top 25? It’s identical which seems kind of weird to me.

Fan Confidence time... after a slight blip following the bye week, we’re back to wallowing in despair of a Popeye’s visit, which started off so well, only to turn out horribly wrong.

fanpulse sbnation week 13 confidence

That number at the end is 5.6%. I don’t know exactly how many voters we have going on a weekly basis, but you have to have more than 30 to get a fan confidence vote. A hair over five percent isn’t good. Let’s hope things improve this week, and next.

Basketball on the other hand is looking much better. There was a slightest of dips following the loss to Xavier, but only slightly.

sbnation fanpulse week 3 basketball

Last week was 84.9, this week was 84.2%. I think any time you’re in the 80% range for confidence that’s a good thing.