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PODCAST: Tennessee comes to town as Mizzou looks for another Tiger Turnaround

Tennessee is trending up, Mizzou... not so much! It’s time for Before The Box Score with Nate Edwards!

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Missouri v Tennessee Photo by Donald Page/Getty Images

Welcome back Tiger Fans to another episode of Before the Box Score with Nate Edwards. Joining Nate this week is Terry Lambert, who is the Editor in Chief for our friends over at Rocky Top Talk. The two of them are here to get you ready for Tennessee coming into CoMo this weekend.

Topics include: Mizzou in the SEC, the job Jeremy Pruitt has done so far at Tennessee, who to look out for, Tennessee’s quarterback choice, what a win for Tennessee would look like and of course, what a win for Mizzou would look like! And as always, they wrap things up with a prediction!

Episode Breakdown:

:15 - 7:24: Welcome Terry Lambert to Before The Box Score. Let’s start with the question every podcast starts with... thoughts on Mizzou in the SEC? Mizzou and Tennessee have had some fun match-ups, right?!

7:25 - 13:30: After an extensive coaching search, the Vols landed on Jeremy Pruitt. How happy (or unhappy) are Vols fans with Pruitt so far at the helm?

13:31 - 17:15: Tennessee has a couple of QBs they can throw at Mizzou this week... BUT which one gives Tennessee the best chance to win? Pruitt has been a little quiet about who is starting Saturday, but let’s learn about both of them.

17:16 - 21:10: What kind of under the radar players should Missouri fans be on the lookout for on Saturday?

21:11 - 26:18: What does a Tennessee win look like at Faurot Field on Saturday Night? Is it something that comes through the air or on the ground? Both teams have some trouble scoring so that under of 45.5 is looking pretty, pretty good. COTY nomination for Pruitt?

26:19 - 27:45: What does a Missouri win look like against Tennessee? “RUN DA BAWL, PAWL!” That would help Mizzou control the clock and play that field position game/getting the QB rattled.

27:46 - END: FINAL THOUGHTS and Prediction time! Nate is giving you a free pick! What’s Terry’s prediction for the game?

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