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Missouri Tigers News: It was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

Mizzou News for Wednesday, November 27

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It was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. And I’d like to move to Australia.

If I was a photoshop wizard like Josh, I’d put Truman’s head on his body, but alas, I’m an amateur.

I don’t much like it when one of my favorite childhood books resembles real life. Not at all. Not when Mizzou Football, Baseball, and Softball have what could be catastrophic issues to deal with, and then, to a much lesser extent, hoops appears to have some of its own issues to work out. The book clearly is there to remind you that yeah, things may get bad— you may get gum in your hair, your mom may forget to pack your dessert in your lunchbox, and you have to eat lima beans for dinner— but you’ll get over it. But not before contemplating a move to another country, such as Australia. I hear it’s nice this time of year.

Since I don’t much feeling like writing about this, here’s some gifs for you, as suggested by my Rock M colleagues and our commentariat. Perhaps one of these accurately represents your feelings on The Series of Unfortunate Events (also an excellent book) that took place Tuesday. Thank you to those that submitted ideas.

But first, from our own Twitter account...

And this one...

Dear NCAA...

My first thought. Sarcasm is an excellent defense mechanism...

It’s okay to go through the many stages of grief, as ElMedico27 suggested.

When the last thing you want is for someone to ask if you’d heard the news and encourages you to lighten up, as suggested by my mother.

Maybe you’re feeling depressed like Dirk 98-02.... Winnie the Pooh is always a good choice.

Anger is okay too, guys. Let it out, FBR. We agree with you... (this one time).

Kinda what I wanted to do to my workstation when I saw the news, so this is accurate, kristina. (side note- couldn’t find a non f-bomb based cat knocking things off the counter, so thanks for the alternate one)

Is the curse real? Is this, as MIZ_DBH says, the Bad Place?

This feels a bit drastic, and I recommend seeing someone if you feel this way, but I can’t fault Producer Mitch for his choice.

And finally, realizing this is what you come to expect as a Mizzou fan. Acceptance, as offered by RunMizzou11.

Now, on to the links we go. They’re super-sized, as unfortunately, there was a lot of unpleasantness to talk about.

Yesterday at Rock M

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  • Certainly not how the team was looking to walk out of the Hall of Fame Classic, but at least we found Tilly! One of the better moments:

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  • ABC 17’s Tyler Murry interviewed former softball star, Madi Norman.