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PODCAST: When Papa Sankey calls it a rivalry, that’s what it is! Previewing Missouri’s last game, against the Arkansas Razorbacks

Before the Box Score returns with Nate Edwards to preview Mizzou’s final game of the season, The Battle of the Barrys. This may make Mizzou fans thankful they have Barry Odom in their lives.

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NCAA Football: Arkansas at Missouri Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back, Tiger Fans to another episode of Before the Box Score, previewing Mizzou’s upcoming match-up with the Hogs. Y’all, it’s been a crap week, and it’s not Arkansas’ fault, though facing them in the last game of the season is kinda related.

Everyone is aware of the news by now, and what that means for the Tigers, and you can read all about it on Rock M here, here, and here! Alas, there’s still a game to preview! In this episode, Nate Edwards is joined by Saul Malone, a contributor at Arkansas Fight and the host of the Wooo Pod Sooie Podcast (which Nate appeared on this week, and called his favorite podcast to date)!

Nate and Saul talk about everything you could possibly need to know about this match-up, as well as some of the potential Arkansas coaching candidates, which is always fun, right? Gotta love a good coaching search. Anyways, let’s get to it.

Episode Breakdown:

:15 – 3:25: It’s Arkansas Week! Welcome to Saul Malone, who is a contributing author at Arkansas Fight and host of the Wooo Pod Sooie podcast. The rivalry presented by Shelter Insurance doesn’t have quite the same feel this year, huh? What are Saul’s thoughts on the Tigers in the SEC since becoming a member 8 years ago?

3:26 – 9:00: It’s labeled a rivalry, but are Mizzou and Arkansas actually rivals? Geographically, sure. But do we want to be rivals? Does Mizzou and Arkansas really deserve each other for their mediocrity? Are they forced to sit in the corner forever? Who do Arkansas fans “hate” more than Missouri?

9:01 – 16:01: Chad Morris flamed out at Arkansas. Was Chad a good evaluator of talent? Why was the monster RB Rakeem Boyd hardly even given the ball? Why was nothing put in place to actually achieve his “coach-speak” goals? What happened and why? YIKES, guys. YIKES.

16:02 – 21:20: As teams have to do, you move on from a coach. Let’s talk about the coaching search that is looming for Arkansas. What are some scenarios that Arkansas fans think about/dream about?

21:21 – 26:14: Time to pivot to the game. It’s been a rough year for Arkansas (and Mizzou)… but what are some names Mizzou fans should be on the lookout for against Arkansas on Friday? I’m sorry, but HOW MANY quarterbacks has Arkansas started this year, and why might we not have heard of this new guy?!?

26:15 – 29:02: What would an Arkansas win look like against Mizzou from a statistical perspective? And on the other side of the coin, what does Mizzou have to do in order to win on Friday?

29:03 – END: As with every BTBS Pod, Nate asks for some final thoughts to wrap it all up, including a prediction! Last game of the season. Last prediction of the season. Soak it in, y’all. Everyone is ready to break themselves out of this season’s prison, sponsored by Shelter Insurance. Who’s ready for the Battle of the Barrys?!?

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