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FanPulse 11.0: LSU stays at the top by not scheduling a game

A bunch of teams had the week off so there wasn’t a lot to learn.

sbnation fanpulse week 10

We’re going to proceed here like Missouri may or may not have a football team, because they may or may not show up on any given week. So let’s talk about other teams listed here for a bit, shall we?

Alabama and LSU didn’t play last week, and neither did Ohio State. Clemson also had a bye week (checks notes) against Wofford. Penn State had a bye week as well. As Ryan mentioned in his CFB recap on Sunday, it was like an odd wild card round of the NFL playoffs, so nothing should have been gained or lost, really.

You know who didn’t have a week off? Georgia and Florida. The Bulldogs beat Florida in Jacksonville this past weekend, which should bump them back into the conversation for the College Football playoff ahead of the Gators, right?

The Georgia Bulldogs moved into the 6th spot!

sbnation fanpulse week 10

Florida is probably done in the race for the SEC East title barring a Mizzou upset at Georgia. I didn’t watch a ton of College Football last weekend, but I did watch the UF-UGA game, and came to the conclusion that Georgia is a better football team. I’m convinced Dan Mullen is a bit of a wizard, because when you watch Florida play, they just don’t look very good, yet they’re in each and every game with a shot to win near the end. It took a daring 3rd down throw from Jake Fromm to extend the Bulldogs’ last drive to put the game away. The Gators will be interesting to watch for sure once Mullen can get a few more pieces in there.

This week’s question revolved around the most exciting upcoming game:

  • LSU at Alabama - 69.2%
  • Penn State at Minnesota - 19%
  • Iowa State at Oklahoma - 4%
  • Iowa at Wisconsin - 3.7%
  • Tuesday night MACtion - 2.8%
  • Clemson at NC State - 1.4%

I’m convinced our overlords at SBNation inserted a .2% bump on the LSU/Bama game to avoid any ‘nice’ jokes on twitter, but c’mon... who are these other folks actually voting for over the #1 and #2 teams in the country facing off?

REMEMBER: FanPulse submission applications are always open. If you want to vote in the poll you can still sign up: Click HERE to sign up! We’ve also started the College Basketball FanPulse, so get in on that action.

Let’s check on how the Mizzou fans voted:

Here is how the votes went:

FanPulse Voting Week 10

SBNation Missouri Fans Diff
SBNation Missouri Fans Diff
LSU (8-0) LSU (8-0) -
Alabama (8-0) Alabama (8-0) -
Ohio State (8-0) Ohio State (8-0) -
Clemson (9-0) Clemson (9-0) -
Penn State (8-0) Penn State (8-0) -
Georgia (7-1) Georgia (7-1) -
Oklahoma (7-1) Oklahoma (7-1) -
Utah (8-1) Oregon (8-1) ↑ 1
Oregon (8-1) Utah (8-1) ↓ 1
Baylor (8-0) Baylor (8-0) -
Florida (6-2) Florida (6-2) -
Auburn (7-2) Auburn (7-2) -
Minnesota (8-0) Minnesota (8-0) -
Notre Dame (6-2) Memphis (8-1) ↑ 1
Memphis (8-1) Notre Dame (6-2) ↓ 1
Cincinnati (6-1) Cincinnati (6-1) -
Wisconsin (6-2) Wisconsin (6-2) -
Wake Forest (7-1) SMU (8-1) ↑ 2
Michigan (7-2) Wake Forest (7-1) ↓ 1
SMU (8-1) Michigan (7-2) ↓ 1
San Diego State (7-1) San Diego State (7-1) -
Boise State (7-1) Boise State (7-1) -
App State (7-1) Kansas State (6-2) ↑ 1
Kansas State (6-2) Louisiana Tech (7-1) ↑ 1
Louisiana Tech (7-1) App State (7-1) ↓ 2

Also receiving votes: Indiana, Iowa, Navy, UCF, Texas A&M

Some variance! I think our votes are smarter than the public at large. Good job, everyone.

Fan Confidence time... after sinking last week to a low of 20.6%, Mizzou Football rebounded with a 33% mark. Apparently not playing football will give Missouri fans 13% more confidence in their team. Seems about right.

The graphics are coming apparently, and we’ll include the Mizzou Basketball fan confidence in an upcoming basketball post. Those results might be a little more mixed in to our coverage to start, probably until the CFB FanPulse stops running, at least. However, I will give you a tease on Hoops fan confidence... it’s good. It’s not quite as awesome as say, Texas fans’ 31.4% confidence in their hoops program— which is hilarious. But it’s a good number.