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Eli Drinkwitz is: Mizzou’s Four Million Dollar Man

Mizzou News for Tuesday, December 10

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Someone cue the music!

“Eliah Drinkwitz, Appalachian State football coach

A man barely making three-quarters of a million dollars.

Gentlemen, we can pay him more.

We have the donors.

We have the capability to pay Mizzou’s 33rd head coach.

Eliah Drinkwitz will be that man.

Richer than he was before

With better, faster, stronger players.”

*cue trumpets*

See y’all at 10:45!

Yesterday at Rock M

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  • In the big non-Drinkwitz related news of the day... MIZZOU HAS TWO ALL-SEC MEMBERS, Y’ALL!

This isn’t entirely surprising given how good both Elliott and Bolton looked all year, but it’s encouraging moving into next year when the latter will still only be a junior. Jordan Elliott, unfortunately for us, will move on to the greener pastures of the NFL.

Congrats, Nick and Jordan!

  • Speaking of former Mizzou stars in the NFL...

That would be... interesting!

  • Mizzou ranks third in Jeff Gordon’s rankings of basketball teams in the St. Louis (and surrounding) areas.
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