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On the 11th day of December, the Mizzou Tigers gave to me— happiness, enthusiasm and excitement!

Mizzou News for Wednesday, December 11

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On the 11th day of December, the Mizzou Tigers gave to me— feelings of happiness (!) enthusiasm (!!) and excitement (!!!)

As the late, great Scott Weiland, lead singer of one of my favorite bands ever, the Stone Temple Pilots, sang in the highly underrated 1994 song Unglued, “Yeah.... I got this thing it’s comin’ over me. I got this thing it’s comin’ over me. I got this feeling comin’ over me. Over me..”

What’s this weird feeling I’m having about Mizzou football suddenly? It almost seems like... it can’t be... can it? Happiness? Enthusiasm? Excitement? I almost forgot what this was like to be filled with joy when thinking about Mizzou football, y’all.

As Josh wrote in his piece yesterday morning (READ IT), it’s pretty impossible to NOT win a press conference. Kim Anderson did it, and then look what happened. But Drink definitely impressed me with the specificity of his plans, and it seems like pretty much everyone came away feeling good about it as well.

Also, shout out to our very own Matt Antonic, who got to ask a question — a very good one, I might add — at the presser!

I mean, how could you not like someone who says things like this?

Or this.

Here’s Coach Drinkwitz checking out his new digs. Now, I’ve been to Boone, North Carolina and Appalachian State several times — I lived in Charlotte for 8 years — and it’s really beautiful up there in the mountains, but the facilities and what Mizzou has to offer is just no comparison. (fun fact- we call it Appa-lay-shun here, but they call it Appa-latch-un there)

Happy players is good news. Please stay, all of you.

Onto the links, and GOOD GOD, there are a lot of them. It’s almost like we introduced a new football coach today or something... I split the football ones up by newspaper outlets, because... well, you’ll see why.

Yesterday at Rock M

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Random football news/notes

Missouri: Source tells FootballScoop Drink has offered to retain several of Barry Odom’s staff. We are told defensive line coach Brick Haley, safeties coach Ryan Walters and defensive backs coach David Gibbs are all expected to remain on staff at this time.

  • Dave’s got a Connor Bazelak injury update:
  • Awards season! Nick Bolton and Albert O were named to the SEC Coaches Team. Congrats, fellas!


  • Look at you, Aijha Blackwell! Earning SEC Freshman of the Week honors!
  • Cornell Mann is out there ‘cruitin some 2021 guys.
  • Ahhhh.... love to watch the highlights of a tough road W. Here’s to hoping the good vibes extend through the rest of the calendar year, at least.

Former Mizzou Player News (AKA- Denver sports beat)

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